Monday, February 14, 2011

{Show us Your Paws!}

The day we have been waiting for is here! My heart swells with love for all these pupsters!
I am so excited by all of the pups in this post and hope you have a great time reading through all of the quirky pawsonalities that we have amongst the blogging community!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Are you ready for some unconditional love? 
I'm always up for some puppy love!
I adored getting your emails about your furry friends. Many made me laugh and all gave me a big smile!
{Please note: Pups are in no particular order}
[please don't mind my commentary every now& then-it was so hard not to giggle while writing these!]
parent/guardian: Terri of Lakewood Manor
1.  This is Truman!
2.  Truman waits until I say "You are welcome!" before he starts to eat.  I believe his looking up to me by his dish is saying "Thank you!"
3.  2 yrs old, Cavashon (cross between Bichon Frese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
4. Truman likes to snuggle up with me on the couch.  And on the bed.  And when I eat he sits beside my feet.
5.Truman is a rescued dog.  His breeder was abusing the animals under her care (she tried to do the "fixing" of the dogs by herself without any anethesia for the animals.
6. A cute fact: Truman hates to "kennel up" when it is time to go to work.  He often "hides" behind the plant stand! {see photo 2.}
{mr. personality}


parent/guardian: gina of hiyaluv
I adore my pup because he is always there for me; through thick and thin and always knows when I need some special attention. 
{Polo is his name. No, not from Marco but from Ralph Lauren.}
Polo is also full of personality and quirky to the max! He loves to play and keeps us on our toes. Polo rules our roost and our lives!

{my scruff muffin, Polo aka Polo Bear, Poli or Pols}

parent/gaurdian: Lauren of The Elephant's Trunk
{2} Quirky personality traits: The most social dog you will ever meet.
{3} Age, breed: 7 months, Chocolate Lab
{4} What does your pup do that makes you feel extra special and luved? 
He lays his head on my chest every morning to gently wake me up. {aww}
{5} A funny story about your pup [or] anything else you want to share.
Melo picks up trash around our apartment complex on walks and then stops at the trash can before we go back home so that we can throw away the trash he has collected. 
{mr. community service}

family member: Becca of MakeUp4Eva
Here's a pic of my dog Penny last valentines day- we sent it to her "boyfriend" Bear. 
They see each other every summer and always remember each other. {AW!}
She's posing with a toy he sent her. 
She's a yellow lab, 6 years old.
{a big lover}


{1} Name of your pup: Einstein AKA
 "eins" "eindelers" "black beauty" "e-dog" 
parent/guardian: Libby of The Bonjour Family 
{2} Quirky personality traits: 
-Would rather hold his bladder for 48 hours
 than set foot on wet grass to tinkle. {hahahaha! sounds like a pupster I know!}
-He licks dirty diapers as if it's gourmet food, 
but won't touch popcorn or milk bones.
{3} Age, breed: turns 4 on valentines; pug
{a valentine's baby!!!!}
{4} What does your pup do that makes you feel extra special and Loved-
His day doesn't start without us. If we sleep
until one in the afternoon, so does he. If we wake up at six am he's right there with us. 
He's always right by my side all day long.
{5} A funny story about your pup [or] anything else you want to share.
This is my all time favorite funny story
about Einstein. It's too long to write out
so here's the link: 

{ Bailey }
{Nicknames: Bub, Weasel, Bagel}
parent: Mandy of Bluebird: Life, Love, and Memories
{2} Bailey LOVES to be under the covers. She MUST be curled up in a
blanket at all times. She is so smart...sometimes for her own good.
She can "run" rabbits like her breed is trained/bred to do. She loves
to lay in the sun, sit on the top of the couch and watch things
outside {sometimes we think she is part cat}. [haha, meow!]
{3} 5 yrs old Lemon Spotted or Lemon Lime Beagle {full blooded}
{4} She is always so happy to see me {us} when we get home. She loves
to snuggle up beside you. And I love her kisses. :)
{part pup, part cat}

{Oscar & Murphy}
parent: Christi of Christi's Blog
Oscar is 8 years old and loves to play in the desert.
{the explorer}
Murphy is 7 months old and is a trouble maker, instigator, and loves to cuddle!
{mr. trouble}

parent: Anne of Wattlebird
Max is a black lab mix. My family adopted him from a local shelter about 10 years ago. He can sleep pretty much all day, but when you pick up his leash to take him for a walk he's wide awake and the happiest dog ever! He's had some rough luck (hit by a car as a pup, recently diagnosed with diabetes) but he's a fighter and a super happy dog. Here he is with a little dog cast last year.
{a happy trooper!}

{Mikey & Abbey}
parent: Jana of Giggles, Glitz, and Glam

* Abby is randomly playful; like she never plays with toys and then out of nowhere she will grab a toy and just go crazy with it. The second you say something or give any attention to her she drops the toy like she was never doing it. She's a little love bug and loves to cuddle & give hugs. 
Mikey is a full black lab puppy with his chewing through internet cables and relapsing on potty training, but a genius like the border collie too. He's a charmer & I think he knows it.
* Mikey is 7 months old & a black lab/border collie mix; Abby is a 5 year old white boxer. (Abby's age is a guess because she was a rescue), Mikey was also a rescue but we got him as a little pup so we know a little better his age.
* Abby gives hugs. You can actually ask for hugs and she will jump up & put her arms around your waist and sometimes she will just give them to you as if she just realized exactly when you needed it. She's also protective of us which makes you feel extra special. Mikey has a way of convincing you it's cool to let him up on the couch to cuddle and most often times lays his head in your lap with those big eyes looking up at you.

I wish I could go ahead and share with you a priceless video of Abby trying to attack the weed eater. Little did we know she had a severe hatred of the thing until one day she was in the backyard when Cody was weed eating. She went NUTS!! I've never laughed so hard in my life.
Recently, Mikey decided to share with us his genius side. I came home from work to let him out to go potty, fed him, another potty break then headed to the other room. I came back in the living room and it reeked of poo. They both have raunchy toots so I wasn't surprised but I was shocked at the fact that Mikey had moved the towel by the door to the middle of the living room. I went to pick it up only discover he had pooped under it. I can only think that a) he pooped and covered it with the towel or b) pooped on the towel and then tried to hide it. Either way, he's a smarty!!
[haha hilarious! Mikey & Abby sound like quite the duo!]

Friend: Monique of M.E.G's Confessional 
This is me with Pluto, well he's not actually my dog - he's my friend Mickey's but he lets me play with him. I love dogs but with my crazy schedule and the uncertainty with my health I just can't have one right now. I actually qualify for an assistance dog but simply don't have the room for one. But how great would it be to be able to take your favorite furry friend everywhere with you to help you, to hug you, to make others smile too? Pluto is kind, funny, playful, and extremely loyal. There are tons of "home movies" of him out there - I prefer his early work, and his adventures with a certain pair of mischievous chipmunks.
{I just love Monique! I met her in London while studying abroad and she has been a great friend since 2002!}
Monique & Pluto


{Lil Madigan}
Parent: Madigan of Madigan Made
 *She has a real name, but we mostly just call her "Crazy" or "teddy-dog" (ya know, instead of teddy bear?).
*She is {literally} the happiest dog I've ever met. If I could bottle her personality, I would be able to cure world peace.
Her tail is always wagging, even going to the vet! She can't wait to meet new people (or dogs). But she does have an insaitiable need to jump. all. over. you. (if you've ever met a wheaten, you might know what I mean)
 *Lil Madigan is a 4 year old soft coated wheaten terrier (But because of her high energy and spunk, people still ask us if she is a puppy...)
*She is just great company! At home with 'just us', she is usually quiet and calm. When we want to be bums and watch tv, she loves to nap and snuggle with us. But if we want to go for a walk or car ride - she jumps up immediate and is ready for an adventure. I love that about her.
*Every once in awhile she gets in these moods where she just tears around the house running up and down the steps and in and out of different rooms. We say she is 'zooming'. It's pretty funny to watch. She's a terrier, so she is smart (i.e. easily bored with games) and stubborn (i.e. selective hearing at times!). But I love her and can't help but smile when I see her face.
{The cure for world peace!}


parent: Hana of HanaMik Blog
Aji is very easily excitable & playful but sweet & quiet too
Aji is 3 years, purebred Shih tzu
 Aji is the best to come home to because she gets so excited to see you when you walk through the door! In fact, she is wagging her tail and greeting me when I come back from the other room after a few minutes. You can't help but love her when you're greeted by her!
Aji wants to be near me but treats me as the alpha dog of the family. She wants to be near my husband but treats him as the love of her life with extra kisses and cuddling whether he wants it or not! 

parent/owner: Mandy of Mandipidy

*Ali loves milk, trips over her head when she runs because she tries to eat grass, steals empty toilet paper rolls from the trashcan, loves to give kisses, and gets excited when we put our running shoes on.
*Ali is a 2 year old, sheltie
*Every morning when David lets her out of her room, she RUNS up the stairs, jumps into bed with me, and smothers me with kisses!  
*She's the best little pup... she's made life so much more fun, and I love her to death.

parent: Jacqui of Craftee Mcgee

*Maddie. Short for Maddux. Named for Greg Maddux (former MLB pitcher)
*This dog likes to snuggle more than any animal I've ever met. She's happiest completely covered by a blanket! She perches on the back of the couch {like a cat..or mountain goat} to look out the window. She likes to lay on the bathmat while one of us showers and will bark outside the bathroom door if we don't let her in. She takes the first bite of her food & runs somewhere to eat it alone. Then she goes back to the bowl & finishes like a normal dog! Last {she's a quirky lil' thing!} she manages to always find and destroy dog food coupons.
*Yellow Lab (American Field) & she'll be 2 in March
*When I come home from work she jumps up and hugs me. Literally hugs! She will jump up and hold on with her paws. She also likes to be on my lap or touching me in some way every single moment. That helps a mama feel loved!

{Maddie, aka mountain goat!}

parent: Sarah of Yes, Teacher Crafts

*Barney is Hyper and loves to run, but also loves to cuddle in your lap at the end of the day!
*He is 18 months Toy Fox Terrier/Papillon mix
*To make us feel extra special and loved, He brings us toys so that we can play with him! And he always tries to lead us outside so we can throw sticks for him :)
*When my husband sings loudly with his guitar, Barney gets very excited and HOWLS along! It's hilarious!!

parent: Chrissy of Hoot Designs
*Sebastian - or Sabi - or Bob (not sure how he got the name Bob - Lol)
 *Sabi gets so excited when its time to go to bed. He RUNS to the top of the stairs and waits for us to come up and he talks and grumbles and carries on running around like a crazed dog. It happens every night!
*Sabi is 6 and is a Miniature Schnauzer
*Sabi loves my daughter, Shea.  He sees her off to school every morning and barks when she leaves and looks for her to come home in the afternoon and gets all excited when he sees her coming up the street.
 *I love chocolate and take two (sometimes 3) Hershey's Toffee & Almond Nuggets to bed every night (guilty as charged) Sabi loves to snatch things of ours so if I set them by the bed he knows they are there and will jump on the bed, which he never does, and grab one and run off with it.  The wrapper is the evidence.  Dogs can't have chocolate so I have to "hide" them so he can't get them.  So now he hunts for them and when he is not down stairs with us we know he has made his way upstairs and we call his name "Sabi, you get down here" and we here THUMP, big jump off the bed, and he zooms downstairs like he was there the whole time. We laugh about it all the time.
*He also pulls the Kleenex out of the box and shreds them!!  Makes my husband crazy!

parent: Beth of Dot in the City
*Milton loves to lean on us, when sitting or standing, he'll just lean his whole 30+ lbs. on us. He also loves being outside more when there's snow on the ground than any other time of year, which is funny because he's so skinny (that's why I chose a photo with snow on his nose)

*Milton is 11 months (by Valentine's day), he's a whippet & fox terrier mix, a combo of long legs and will chew on everything! {ha!}
*Milton makes me feel loved by wagging his tail (a whole lot) and jumping up to greet me (anytime, not just when I get home from work or being out). He also loves to lick my ear (if I let him).
*Funny story: He loves to play outside, and before there was snow on the ground I would (attempt) to play fetch with him. He didn't always bring the same stick (or anything back). One time, I threw a small stick and he ran after a fallen branch with leaves and all. He dragged it across the yard to me! I actually got it on video because he did it again. 
{haha! Silly pupster!}

{Milton, the snow pup}


Wasn't this fun? I love all of these pupsters, don't you?

Some of you emailed me and wanted to send in your fancy felines! Stay tuned!

19 thoughts:

Madigan at madiganmade said...

What a cute bunch of pups!! This was a great idea, Gina. Thanks for sharing them with us. I can't stop saying "aww".

Cassie said...

I forgot to do this. . .my poor Lolli. . .but I love that you did this. Gina, what a great tribute to some great family dogs. You are truly a friend to the canine :D

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

I love this post! Your readers have such cute pups! :] Happy Valentines, dear! :]

Watkins35 said...

Happy Valentine's Day Gina x
So many lovely pups and all so cute x

Watkins35 said...

PS gave you an award today too xx

Mellisa Rock said...

Such a cute bunch of pups...I should have sent in a photo of Cleopatra! Happy V-Day!

Christi said...

Thanks so much for this Gina! It is fun to see everyone's pups and all their individual quirky personalities..

WendyB said...

Awesome post...all the stories are so cute! "You're welcome" might be my favorite.

Ashley Hasty said...

Even though Truman lives with Terri from Lakewood Manor...he's really mine. Haha. Okay, so not really...I guess if Terri is his mom then that makes me his sis. But I'm definitely his second favorite in the family. :)

<3 Ashley
ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

Ashley Hasty said...

P.S. Truman really does say "Thank You" by looking up at you after you've given him food and won't eat until you say "You're Welcome" and walk away.

<3 Ashley
ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

jacqui said...

what a great idea gina! thanks for doing this! everyone's pups are so cute! :)

Ashley said...

Ok, Truman behind that plant stand is cracking me up!

Sarah B. said...

This was so fun! It was great to meet everyone's pups :)

Becca said...

Penny says thanks for putting her in your post- she feels like a star! lol! Can't wait to see you this weekend

la petite coquine said...

What sweet little monsters! And Einstein the pug?! I'm in LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day, darling!

xo, Lena

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I'm really digging this post - so creative and so darn cute! What a fabulous way to showcase the furry Valentine's in your life. Good going girl!

Lauren said...

Cutest Post Ever :)

Terri said...

You are so creative and clever. I love this post. I think Truman is the cutest, but I am sure I am biased!

Kat said...

So many cute furbabies! Wish I had known about this earlier so I could have entered our soft coated wheaten, Miss Daisy.


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