Saturday, February 26, 2011

::old skool Saturday::

Happy Saturday! 
Let's go back in time.
 I spent some time daydreaming about the past {the 80s, to be exact} and thought I would share...

{Top Gun}
holy cow...smokin' hot men. 

{You Can't Say That on Television}
silly nonsense. 

{Teddy Ruxpin}
My younger brother used to love Teddy Ruxpin and I thought he was creepy. And he always broke leaving my little brother in tears. Do you remember this toy? 

{Cabbage Patch Kids}
I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls. I remember the distinct baby powder smell and how I used to carry my dolls around with me everywhere. My mom always told me stories of how she stood in line for hours to get me my first one. 

{The Wonder Years}
I didn't appreciate this show until I was older and in my teens.

{The Game: M.A.S.H.}
We used to play this game for hours! Especially on rainy days during indoor recess! Oh we loved those days. I was so boy crazy that I wanted to do nothing else but talk about boys. Do you remember your M.A.S.H. forecast? Did it come true?

These are some of the first things that popped into my mind when I flashback to 80s popular culture. What do you think of? Do you remember some of these things or no? Do you remember other things all together? Please share! 

9 thoughts:

BB Goad said...

I think of my little ponies, strawberry shortcake, big wheels, Family Ties and Flight of the Navigator. Clearly, I remember too much, ha!

Dawn said...

love the wonder years! my girls still play mash :)

Monique said...

Big hair, neon colors, bad fashion!

The LA Olympics. My first earthquake.

Karina said...

Oh I love this!!! I'm such an 80's baby and love me my old school stuff!!!
Super big fan of Cabbage Patch Kerywhere with meids - I would drag my doll everywhere with me. I even have some in a box in storage for my future baby girl including a Rainbowbrite doll!

I love strawberry shortcake, my little pony, teddy ruxpin and the list could go on!!


Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

What a neat idea for a post!! I loved my cabbage patch dolls too :) I even bought one for my daughter!!

A lot of my memories are from the late 80s early 90s...I remember loving smurfs (cant wait for the movie to come out), colorful scrunched up socks (sometimes more than one pair!), side ponytails and big bangs, keds, troll dolls...I could go on for days :)

Watkins35 said...

hee hee, my little pony, rubix cube, she-ra, (cabbage patch dolls always gave me the creeps & their garbage pail counterparts), Poochie, Boy George, Wham, T'Pau, Cyndi Lauper, The Goonies (sooo wanted to be one), Ra-ra skirts, hair crimpers, glitter face gloss,
and of course I'm still addicted to pretty much all those FAB 80's films! Oh the memories x

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Growing up outside of Los Angeles, a lot of my middle school friends played extras in The Wonder Years. It's funny to see old episodes and find my friends milling about the school in the background of Fred Savage!

Heather Mullin said...

You are totally from my generation. I remember it all. My Cabbage Patch Dolls that my mom used to stand in line for forever, their powder smell, their signature on the rear. I had Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby. I remember playing MASH constantly in elementary school. I remember these tv shows. That is awesome. What a flashback! Great memories. So glad I ran across your blog! I love it.

Oh, My Darling said...

Such nostalgia, what a fun post!!! I looooved Teddy Ruxpin.

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