Sunday, November 14, 2010

a regal print

I have been lusting over damask. There is something so regal about it. Perhaps it is all of the queens that I have seen sporting damask in the past. You know, because I know so many queens. 

Did you know that {{Regina}} means queen? 
It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Regina is "queen". Appeared at the end of theVictorian era, possibly because Her Majesty was often known as Victoria Regina. May also be used as reference to the Virgin Mary, Regina Coelis, "Queen of the Heavens". (via)

Anyhow, the love for damask began awhile back when I purchased my first Gussy bag. 
Then the love for damask continued to pop up in my decor as I begged Lindsey of Paint Me A Picture to create this painting for me while she was pregnant and little did I know not having the easiest of pregnancies. Because she is the sweetest, she made me my painting now that her lil man is with us and he is just as cute as button. and I am so in love with my painting.
Hiya Luv bird by PaintMeAPicture

A couple of weeks back I placed my first order with Above All Fabric. Like most things, if I really like it; I  become obsessed. I check Above All Fabric almost daily to check out new items (same as Lindsey's paint shop. Shh-I don't want her to think I stalk...)
I also read the Above all Fabric blog. What I love about Above All Fabric is a trillion things really-easy of shopping experience, great selection, speedy shipping, great customer service, and great presentation of fabric upon arrival. {be still my heart.} 
I have quite a que forming in my account wishlist. 
Damask you ask? Of course, in all sorts of colors. 
classic black & white damask
::romantic:: violet & white 
cheerful pink & white
spring aqua & white

Imagine these gorgeous damask prints in fabric and all the amazing things you could make?
 I am envisioning some items for my upcoming wedding! 

If you haven't checked out Above All Fabric, be sure to do so! 
You could win $100 to Above All Fabric just by making a wish list and posting about it. Easy as pie. 
Here are the rules:
1. Go To Above All Fabric and look around.
2. Add things you’d like to your wishlist.3. Blog about what is on your wishlist at Above All Fabric*4. Leave a comment here with a link to your blog.**5. Wednesday December 1st,Above All Fabric will use to pick 3 winners.

What do we win?  What do we win?

First- $100 Gift Certificate to the store
Second- $50 Gift Certificate to the store
Third - $25 Gift Certificate to the store
* Please link your post back to the store  (

4 thoughts:

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I'll submit my "official" entry later, but just had to comment that I laughed out loud with your musing, "because I know so many queens." Ha ha!

Sandy a la Mode said...

thanks for sharing this!! i LOVEEEEEE fabric and must do this!!!! and damask has got my heart for sure!!

la petite coquine said...

Oh damask, how I adore you! My dearest friend Becky can always be counted on to chose the plum colored damask if the whole world of options were available to her!

Watkins35 said...

I'm a big fan of damask too Gina. I used to have a fabulous ivory damask duvet cover, which sadly eventually frayed, but I LOVE it & keep thinking I'll repurpose what's left (couldn't bear to throw it out)! xox

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