Saturday, November 13, 2010

a helpful tool

Happy Saturday friends!

My mind is always running a million miles a minute it seems. I am constantly thinking of new ideas or have an ongoing list of things to do in my head. I will often walk from meeting to meeting and a fantastic idea will pop into my head for my blog or for Hiya Luv Handmade and then when I get to my office, home, or even just a place to sit down that thought is long gone. Or I will still have fragments of the idea-but then frustration sets in-and then pressure to remember-and then no more idea. 
{{sad face.}}

So now I sound like an infomercial without meaning too. 
I am not selling anything, so don't worry.
I do want to share something with you that will help you remember everything. 
I found this great tool online called Evernote

You can access it from anywhere. {luv & happy me} Evernote is an online note-taking tool; a place where you can store text ideas, pictures, voice notes, and all sorts of things. It is also super easy to use. I have it hooked up to my Mac {yay for being MAC compatible}, my ipod touch, and my blackberry. {don't judge-it's my work phone. I would totally have an Iphone for work if I could.} I can make notes to myself from anywhere like I said. So I have had some fun ideas while walking to a meeting on campus this past week and I was able to post them to my account on Evernote through the blackberry app and it syncs up with my account. {LUV}
{{a glimpse at my evernote screen and how it is set up}}

What helpful tools do you swear by? 

5 thoughts:

Kayla said...

I am loving this tip from you. I hadn't heard of it before and lord knows I need a way to organize lists with everything I have going on!

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Collette Osuna said...

How cool Gina...Ill have to check it out:)

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Lulu, Karl, Carlita, y Luke said...

I love using Evernote - I have it all connected. It keeps everything organized for me. The newest thing on it is the Xmas list.

shari @ little blue deer said...

I totally need this, checking it out! I have a recommendation for your extra room, a gray I love, it's Valspar Aspen Gray, you can get it at Lowe's. Trust me, it is a gorgeous, bright gray and then you can accessorize with pink or light blue or white, whatever you choose. I have my living room and sunroom painted gray and I LOVE them! XX!

Watkins35 said...

a very great idea, thanks gina. I carry round a small notepad with me, but failing that I'll make notes on my phone, cause I'll forget too if I don't! I too now have a Christmas list for me, one for hubby & one for everyone else :D xox

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