Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 Days of Holiday Luv {at hiya luv}...soon

{{On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me to me…}}

No thanks on the partridge in a pear tree. I will pass this year. 

However, hook me up with some handmade!

One of-a-kind gifts are certainly on the top of my wish list this year! 
What is on your wish list?

Most people will do their shopping at big chain stores for electronic gadgets, video games, toys, and clothes. The thought of going from big store to the mall while fighting crowds of fast moving grumpy people is not my idea of a good time. In fact when going to big stores while I brave the cold and crowds, I find myself rushing through the process of purchasing the perfect gift. My mind is overshadowed by wanting to go home, or at a loss for what to buy in the abyss of “bad” gift ideas  chachkies that are everywhere.

This year I am trying something new. I want to purchase heartfelt gifts while supporting handmade and independent shops.
 12 Days of Holiday Luv was born because I wanted to showcase some shops that offer one-of-a-kind gifts for many on your shopping list.

When purchasing a gift-what is your thought process? Do you think about what the person could need? {ahem-a new camera strap for me please.} What is the person’s style?  What does the person want? {Think past the wish list for a moment.}

This year I am going to purchase a personalized necklace or bracelet for my mom. Handstamped, thoughtful, and with lots of character. Sure I could purchase her a necklace from Brighton like I do every year but I know she would just {adore} something with all of her kiddos names on it. And at the same time I feel good for supporting handmade.
Your sister may want an itunes gift card but perhaps you could include a pair of itty lovely earrings from Mandipidy for $5. And while your at it, purchase a pair for your mom too because after all they are buy 2 get one free.
Or maybe your sister-in-law could really use some cute stationary?
I know I plan to purchase my sister a few little gifts to put together into one gift basket. {all handmade of course}
What do you to ensure that there is thought put into your gift giving?

Over the next 12 Days at Hiya Luv, I will be featuring unique shops that offer one of a kind, thoughtful gifts for many on your gift-giving list. Take a peek and feel free to make a purchase that will surely be appreciated for a long time.
Happy shopping luv! 

{starts tomorrow, December 1st!}

9 thoughts:

Krystal said...

i'm excited to see your lists! i'm definitely more in to the unique gifts this year, being in the blog world will do that to you :)

Cassie said...

I'm making it a goal to buy handmade as well! The girls are always easy to do this for, but the guys are a little harder for me, hmmm. . .

Ashley Hasty said...

I love the present wrapped in the map! How fun is that?! The guys in my family would love it!


Victoria said...

Homemade gifts are really the most lovely to give and to receive. Hope you have a wonderful time finding and gifting all of yours!

Kayla said...

Can't wait to see what you post! I had a goal to do all handmade gifts for everyone this year but time has gotten away from me. Hopefully I plan better next year!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

la petite coquine said...

What wonderful gifting insight! I do all of my shopping slowly and methodically (thank you, lists!), and always try to find the perfect gift. For John's brother, monogrammed one of a kind chopsticks in a sleek wooden box to fuel his sushi obsession, for my little brother, a warm fleece for his upcoming ski trip, and for John, things on his wishlist he's long forgotten about!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to see these posts! I am pretty much doing all of my shopping online this year, I can't stand the mall either!


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

Sounds like fuN!!! I can not wait to see who else you luv!

Watkins35 said...

your family gift ideas are great, and I SOOOO agree with the handmade idiom. I've made as many gifts as I can too.

I tend to get inspired as and when I see things for the most part, but sometimes inspiration just hits for some people's gifts. xox

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