Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy One Oh One Award

Hi Y'all!

I'm a happy one, oh yes, I am! 

I am super happy because Mandy at Mandy's Yellow Corner has awarded me with the 
Happy 101 Blog Award!
Thanks Mandy. You really are so kind! 

I get to share 10 things about myself with you AND pass on the award to 10 lovely bloggers!
I love to pay it forward! 

Little bits about me:
{1} hayrides are one of my favorite past times. i love fall and going to the pumpkin patch. 
{2} I'm not sure if I will ever have kiddos. Sometimes that scares the crap out of me and other times I am content with these two being my family. One thing is for certain, I love my life that I have now and am not sure I want it to change. 
{3} I really want to have an Etsy store. Like REALLY want to have an Etsy store but don't have time to make anything. I know I need to make time and I have some things in mind that I want to make-it just seems that I am always traveling or doing something. How many things do you need to have in order to open an etsy shop?
{4} My friend Emily is getting married in a couple of weeks and I feel terrible that I will be unable to make her wedding. I mean like scum on the bottom of shoes terrible. :(
{5} Random fact: I love bedding. I would have so many sets of bedding if I had a place to store them and if Dave would allow it. Ha!
{6} I need to pray more and have faith in the Lord.
{7} I also need to slow down. I get so caught up in work and the day to day activities that I forget what is going on in my personal life. The other day my Dad texted me and I thought something was wrong. Nope-I just missed his birthday! Gasp! I know-I'm so bad! The worst daughter ever!
My dad and I circa a few years back.
{8} I am obsessed with the game Angry Birds and play it on my Ipod Touch whenever I get a minute.
{9} I really want the Phillies to win the World Series again so I can go to the ring ceremony again. 
{10}I am the most impatient person in the world; to a fault and it always gets me in trouble. I am working on it but can't seem to change. 

I am passing on this lovely happy blog to the following amazing bloggers:

What are your favorite blogs? Please share! These are just a few of my favorites. I have so many blogs that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I read so many daily! I can't get through the day without my daily dosage of blogs! 
I Love you all-even if you are not listed in the 10!

10 thoughts:

Lulu said...

I really want an etsy shop too, but I'm not crafty enough to make anything to sell, LOL. I just love etsy so much I want to be a part of it. I do my part by buying too much :)

kate funk said...

I love the idea of hay rides, but I am allergic to hay, what a random thing to be allergic to. :(
Congrats on the award!!

Velvet Cupcakes

Kayla said...

Congrats on the award. I love bedding too and even more I WANT you to open an Etsy store so I can buy things.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Lulu, Karl, Carlita, y Luke said...

first of all, there's another Lulu out there...
Secondly, we all forget important dates or can't be there when needed. Just don't beat yourself up. Love to see an Etsy store by you.

la petite coquine said...

Gina, I'm so honored! I absolutely love getting to know you better-don't you secretly wish we all shared stuff like this weekly? I love getting to know my favorite bloggers better!

Ashley said...

Congrats on the blog award! What would you want to sell in your Etsy shop? I looooove Etsy, so I'd absolutely love it if you opened a shop! And I'm with you with not knowing if I'd ever want kids - right now I'm thinking I'd be happy with my BF and a dog or two - dogs are the best company! :)


Watkins35 said...

yay, congratulations on your award, you deserve it :)
I so relate to your no. 2! Hope your 'wishes' can come true. x

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

I LOVE hayrides... I have my fingers and toes crossed that we'll get to ride one this fall!
Love ya, girlie! :]

Oh, My Darling said...

talk about a coincidence -- my boyfriend just introduced me to Angry Birds on his iPad like 10 minutes before I read this post! It was an addicting game!

Delia said...

thank you for the kind award. I am quite impatient too, but we can work on it together! ;)

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