Thursday, October 28, 2010

creating great friendships {in the blogsphere}

{{Many of you have mentioned how the blogosphere has opened you up to so many wonderful new friendships that you never knew were possible.}} 
I totally agree. 
Brina, a pen pal of mine from Melissa of Oh My Darling’s Pen-Pal Darling’s group noted “it is great to have a group of friends to share interests with when other friends don’t share the same interests.” I could not agree with her more. Some of my “real life” friends do not understand what I am talking about when I mention my blog or crafting; or my vision and goals for both. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends dearly, however it is refreshing to have another community to turn to.
It is also refreshing to think that through blogging you can create a network of friendships all over the country and the world and that you have the opportunity to connect with them at conferences or by chance if you or the other blogger happen to be in the same area at the same time. Many cities even have blogger meet ups, dinners, and gatherings however my area has a drought of bloggers and sadly I have not been able to meet any blogging friends just yet.


I have plans to meet up with Kayla of Ramblings of a Small Town Girl this coming week as she is in Philadelphia for work. I can’t wait to meet her and give her a big hug!

I also can't wait to meet Melissa of O My Darling blog as she is in Baltimore; also not far from me! 
How do you create friendships in the blogosphere?
Have you met up with any bloggers? What was the experience like? 

11 thoughts:

Kayla said...

I can't wait to meet up! I can already taste that cupcake!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

I haven't met any bloggers in real life yet... but I do agree that "real life" friends don't really understand how important blogging and crafting are to me. It's nice to have a support group of online friends.. and hopefully I'll meet some of them in person sometime! :]

Watkins35 said...

love the post - I feel the same way. I'd love to meet up with you (& a couple of others) but being in the UK it's difficult! I will be in the states soon, but far away from you & ther others :) Hopefully one day. x

Brina said...

Aw, it feels nice to know you quoted me. Thanks.

I've been going through a bit of a hard time with one of my friends. She's changing (unfortunately for the worse) and I really NEED my blog friends. I try not to be negative on my blog, so my little group of readers don't know about this right now. Just hearing their positivity about my crafts and whatnot makes me smile!

It would be SO cool to meet any of my blog friends in real life! How lucky for you to have that opportunity. :) Have fun with Kayla and Melissa!

la petite coquine said...

How funny-I just got your letter last night and sent you my reply this morning! So glad to call you a blog friend!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

I actually have one blog friend not too far. A meet up should definitely happen one day.

As far as my far-away-friends: I have always had a connection with pen pals, even since a very young age. There was something so nice about sharing life through letters. Now it's nice to have that connection through email/blogs. :)

Mellisa Rock said...

I haven't met any yet - but am going to 2 conferences next year - Boston's Bloggy Boot Camp and Blogher -- I am so excited to meet up with some many people that I truly think of as friends.

Brina said...

I know you've received this award before, but I think your blog is really great! I like that your posts lately have been a little deep and introspective. Of course, the fun posts are great too!

Check it out:

I'll be sending you a letter soon. (Sorry its taken me a while to respond. I haven't forgotten about you.)
Sabrina :)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love the blogging community and feel right at home with so many friends that I wouldn't have an opportunity to meet otherwise. I have a few local friends who blog but love the fact that I also have several all across the country! It's super fun!

Ashley said...

I love my blogger friends! I also do not live in a place with much of a blogging community, but I did get to meet a few really sweet bloggers last year when I went down to NYC for a TJ Maxx thingy. It's so nice to be able to hang out with the people you chat with online in real life!


Oh, My Darling said...

This post made me smile so! Thanks for the shoutout -- can't wait for a bloggy meetup (sorry, I've been lame at getting back to emails this week)!

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