Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the beginning of a blogger {my self-reflection of finding identity}

When I look back to just a year ago, I am astounded by how I have grown leaps and bounds through my blog and in the blogging community. In October 2009 I was searching for something to do with my down time in the evenings. I was playing Yoville, Farmville, CafeWorld, and spending endless hours on these games. I enjoyed playing these games on Facebook because they allowed me to connect with to others.

{{but I wanted more. something was missing.}} 

I surfed Facebook and caught up with friends. One friend in particular had/has a blog. Celine, The Shoe Girl. She is awesome and many know and love her for her electric personality. She is so fun and is really talented in her work so naturally I was immediately hooked to her blog. I had no idea what a blog was but began following a long. I was influenced by Celine to begin blogging although I had no idea where to start. 
celine & i at a friend's wedding in Southern California circa Summer 2007

At the time I was really into making homemade meals and baking. I was ignorant to many aspects of cooking and baking and I still am because I lost interest quickly. My first post was about baking apple pies and I started out with the premise that my blog was going to be about cooking and helping others find answers to their questions. Then it morphed into a blog about personal stories to share with family and friends. That didn't last long either.

Then I began reading more blogs about fashion and was influenced by amazing fashion bloggers such as Wendy Brandes of Wendy Brandes Jewelry and Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I read these blogs along with others daily and began following the Independant Fashion Bloggers group closely. My blog once again transformed into a creative palette of fashion and trends.

Then I found Etsy and my time was spent in awe of all the handmade wares. My life had changed once again as did my blog. 

Finding my blogging identity took a long time {and I am still dabbling with it now}. I remember a number of times how frustrated and down I would feel about it because it seemed that everyone else in the blogging community had their stuff together and I didn't. It takes time to figure out your niche and that is okay. 
Sometimes I would feel disconnected from my blog and need to think about what to write-I would challenge myself to self-reflect on "why is it that I blog" right now? Maybe I do need a break? That is okay too. Perhaps I just want to comment tonight and not write. Or maybe I want to write tonight and not comment. Or maybe I want to do neither.  Either is okay.

Although sometimes challenging, my blog is so so so rewarding in a million ways. I love every one of you for being a part of my life and for contributing to the Hiya Luv community. I look forward to your comments and I love reading your blogs as well. Thank you for a great year!
{{Have you ever self-reflected on your blogging journey? What did you learn about yourself and the growth of your blog? Have you been influenced? Has it changed over time? Have you struggled to find your niche?}}  

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Cassie said...

Hey Gina! I'm so glad you're a blogger. . .your posts bring a smile to my face every time.

I started blogging to share my cards. Since I homeschool, I thought I would occasionally share stuff on that topic, but I found that since I did it all day I didn't want to talk about it all the time. I thought that would only cause burnout, so this blogging thing has become an outlet.

I have enjoyed perusing around other card blogs, and then I found yours. I started following noncard blogs, and I am SOOO thankful that I have. It has opened up a whole new world, and I love it! So, thanks, my friend. . .I owe ya in so many ways ;)

la petite coquine said...

Gina, what a wonderful post! I started blogging because my computer was going to explode if I didn't start putting everything I liked somewhere, and it still serves that purpose! Lately, I've taken a curatorial approach to blogging, designing an entire week's attitude and colors in advance, and it makes me feel like my blog is better edited. I think we've all felt overwhelmed by blogging sometimes, and I'm so glad I have a friend to turn to if I need some encouragement (or support!).

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Gina, I love your reflection about blogging. So well said! I agree that there are so many other avenues I could have traveled but at the end of the day, am very grateful that I have this outlet. I love blogging and having a purpose. I love the fact that I've met so many wonderful people in the blogging world, whom I never would have come in contact with if it wasn't for this! To me, that beats Farmville anyday!

Congrats on your 1 year!

Jenni said...

love this post!

i started my blog over 2 and 1/2 years ago so that i could keep the family posted on the kiddos and what we were up to weekly/daily at times, as they live in nebraska and i live in az! then it turned into my aunts calling me and thanking me for blogging, as the feel like they get to grow up with the kiddos through stories and pictures!

along my way, i try to find myself too, through my craftiness and share tutorials or what i have been up to that way!

i might even sprinkle in a receipe here and there too!

i love my blog and all of the connections that i have made with such wonderful women!

keep bloggin' sister!

BarelyVogue said...

Congratulations!! on reaching a year. Don't get stressed you are doing fantastic

I Sew Lucky said...

I find it hard to find time to do it all the time and then what to write about. I struggle with it at times. I love the fact that I have found connections through blogging though!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Congrats on the one-year! I started blogging just to showcase my portfolio, but then I realized how boring that was. Then, I would insert tidbits of my life, but somewhat temper them with my "business voice." A few posts later, I decided "heck with it, I'm going to be my funny self." And it worked. Just being myself never felt better!

WendyB said...

I'm glad to be a good influence instead of a bad one for a change ;-)

Though I guess that depends on your feelings about blogging!

The Bonjour Four said...

blogging has been a wonderful experience for me! In feb it will be two years since I started writing and it's amazing how much I've learned. My blog has definitely, definitely improved as I've learned more about it. I've also noticed my writing skills {grammar and such} have improved too since I write almost every day. And of course, I love how I have met so many wonderful people through blogging. Thanks for a wonderful post. And I'm so glad I've gotten to know you a little better over the past couple of months! You should be very proud of what you've accomplished!

Brina said...

Hi Gina!

From the very beginning, it was important to me that I write the way I speak, and that it sounded like I was having a conversation with someone. Even though I didn't have followers for a LONG time, I kept writing like someone was reading it, because maybe someday someone would.

When I first started blogging, I wanted it to be a blog about interior design. I had just moved into my apartment, and was struggling for inspiration and decorating ideas (even though I LOVE design). I think a few of my early posts were about how I planned to decorate. Its kind of morphed into just a crafty blog, now, and I even started a second blog devoted to my wedding planning process.

I've become blog friends with a few people, and read specific blogs every day. I feel like I have a little community now, which is so nice. It definitely helps when I feel like none of my friends understand things that interest me.

shari @ little blue deer said...

You are so gorgeous! Yes! I totally get it, blogging has been pretty much life-changing for me, it is an amazing community to be a part of! XX!

Watkins35 said...

thank you so much for sharing your blogging story Gina. x

Oh, My Darling said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing your blogging journey. It was inspiring to read about what brought you to where you are now!

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