Sunday, August 1, 2010

8 about me, 8 about YOU! Survey Says!

I was tagged by lovely blogger, Kayla at Ramblings of a Small Town Girl to answer 8 questions about myself and then choose 8 other lovelies of my choice to do the same-but answer 8 questions of my choosing! {hehe-watch out! I could choose you!}

1. What's your dream vacation; and who would you take with you? Anywhere in Europe and I would take my fiance.
2. Instyle or Cosmo? Us Weekly-bring on the gossip mags! 
3. How would you categorize your style? Style is in how you carry yourself. Be stylish. Be confident. Be YOU!
4. What's your favorite part of the blogging community? Making new friends, learning about myself and others through reflective writing and self-exploration, crafting, sharing new experiences.
5.  Romantic dinner or Picnic lunch? Neither-is that allowed? How about a baseball or football game?
6. How would you spend an ideal day alone? These come so far and few between! I would nap, blog, craft, and do NOTHING!
7. Favorite color? PINK! No question.
8. How would you describe yourself in one sentence? I function, make decisions, and act based on feelings and what others may feel from my decisions. 

And now-for my questions!

1. Have you taken the Myers-Briggs? If so, what are you? For example: I am an ENFP (extrovert, intuitive, feeler, perceiving)
2. What is your dream job?
3. What is your favorite memory from college?
4. What is your favorite time of the year/holiday?
5. Do you have a pet peeve? If so, dare share?! :)
6. If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
7. What are you most looking forward to?
8. Free share. You choose anything that you would like to share. 

I am tagging the following:

Cassie @ A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Mom
Kristie @ Writer's Block
Jessica @ Barefoot By the Sea
Lelan @ Good Gravy
Elizabeth @ Belle of the Wall
Melissa @ O My Darling
Becky @ Makeup4Eva
Mandy @ Mandy's Yellow Corner

Looking forward to seeing all of your responses!

Luv & smiles, 

11 thoughts:

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

Haha, once again you crack me up with your answer to number 5! Love it :]

Thanks for the tag, girl. Have a great Sunday! :]

Melissa said...

Oh, thanks for tagging me! Can't wait to get to completing this!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Love these questions! Thanks for tagging me. Now, for my responses (ah, the pressure!)

I Sew Lucky said...

That was fun to read about you:) Sorry I did not do the last tag:( I am just soooo busy getting ready for the BIG NEWS and a craft show! But, I really felt honored that you included me.

Kayla said...

Love your answers. US Weekly... I didn't even think of gossip mags! I'm more of a E! channel junkie vs. mags. Your questions are great. I had a hard time coming up with 8.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Em said...

Ah, I miss Europe...

kirstyb said...

yay for the tag - great post xxx

Kristie said...

Thanks for the tag. I will answer these questions in just a little bit! Hope you are having an awesome day!

Robyn said...

Pink is your favorite color??? I would never have guessed!

DiamondsandTulle said...

Loved learning more about you Gina!

xx Vivian @

Lesli said...

I am an ENFP too--and my husband is my exact opposite! It is so funny.

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