Thursday, July 29, 2010

thirty five


The Number of Days
Until College Football Season

Go Bucks!
Do you have a favorite fall tradition?
Luv & Smiles,

11 thoughts:

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

Hehe, I think it's funny that I think of you as such a girly girl. . . but you LOVE football :] I was actually obsessed with college football for the first couple of years of college. . . and then a couple of rainy games, a couple of scorching ones - and the love died.
I do love the back to school aisle in the stores. . . makes me so happy :]

Cassie said...

Oh, Gina, had I any idea that you were a bucks fan. . .hehe, just kidding. I'm a husker, and it looks like we'll be in the same conference come next year, but I'll still love you anyway ;)

Hello*Pretty said...

Fall football games. l-o-v-e! Go Hawks!! xo- karrie

WendyB said...

My fall tradition is wondering where the summer went.

Nicole M said...

I love watching football with my hubs! BUT we like NFL- not too big on the college football scene.

I love all the colors that fall brings, not just outside but to decorate with!

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

I don't have a particular favorite college ball team, but I do enjoy the glee in my husband's face when that time of year rolls around. Like a kid, I tell ya! Makes me happy.

Robyn said...

I cannot wait for college football either! Go GATORS. That's right. It's on.

julie said...

I LOVE college football! :) WOO!!

Monique said...

My favorite fall tradtion is attending the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. I've only been attending it since 2007, but I love it! You would enjoy it too. Trying all the different food and beverage offerings from around the world! Plus they do tastings, demonstrations, and pairings. Yummy!

I can't wait - it starts October 1. Hope to see you there one year!

Krystal said...

hi new pen pal! and uhoh - i'm a total iowa fan. do they play eachother?

Brina said...

I am also one of your new penpals. I don't know much about football. I'm more of an artist than an athlete. (Translation: I'm a nerdy, uncoordinated painter who cannot understand how football is played. I get very confused! Baseball is more my speed.)

My favorite thing about fall is wearing layers again! Summers in Northern Oregon aren't too bad, but I'm really self-conscious and hate "itty bitty" clothes. I try to keep covered while still feeling comfortable in 90 degree weather. :)

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