Thursday, July 8, 2010

a sleepy check-in

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Many of you have been so sweet and have asked me how my week has been going and how I have been enjoying the new job. 
The transition has been going smooth so far. 
The mornings are easy so far.
The alarm sounds at 5:15am.
The train leaves at 6:45am.
I arrive at work at 8:02am.
I have been able to leave work at the latest (so far) by 5:30pm.
I arrive home by 6:20pm or if I miss the express train 7:20pm.
Long day.

That is the commute.

I am tired. Really tired. I am not used to waking up this early & am hoping it gets easier. Funny, I don't mind it because-->

The job is Fan-Freakin'-Tastic!
Now-it is day 3. It is new. fresh. But I LOVE it!
I LOVE everyone I work with.
The people are so fun.
So warm.
So welcoming.
I can only hope that things will continue to be so awesome.
These signs and others like this are spread all over the office. What an awesome welcome!

I also love that yesterday after work, I hopped on the subway and was able to meet Dave at the Phillies game! Even though it was 100 degrees outside and we were both melting, we had a great time.

The Phinatic & I

I really had no idea how fun and fabulous Philly was until I started working at Temple. There are so many museums, historical places to visit, places to shop, and the hustle and bustle of a great urban city. I also love that there are several universities in such a close proximity-Temple, UPenn, Drexel, etc.

My Dad and brother are coming to visit this weekend and are staying in Philly. Dave surprised me tonight with a weekend away-in {Philly} and I am super excited because we have plans to check out museums, the Gallery Mall, and of course go to a Phillies game!

What do you have planned for the weekend?
Luv & smiles,

14 thoughts:

Kayla said...

Congrats on the great first few days. Any co-workers that put a sign like that on my door would be considered great people in my book!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Kristie said...

Yay for Dave! That surprise was welcomed huh? Good for y'all! Love you!!!

Robyn said...

I'm glad that everything is going so well! You deserve it.

I also spot a Twitch dress. My heart swells.

Michelle said...

How fabulous! There is nothing like getting that kind of a welcome at a new job. Makes the hours worth it!

Enjoy your weekend! I'm going to hit up Margaritaville for a much deserved drink and then off to the movies. I think "Toy Story" won the toss up.

Hello*Pretty said...

That's so cool that they made welcome signs. Love that! Glad the job is going well!! xo- karrie

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

WOW, that sounds absolutely exhausting Gina! But I'm happy that you're enjoying it! And I love the picture of you with the Phinatic thing! Too cute [and adorable dress!]


WendyB said...

That sign is so cute. How nice!

Fashion Butter said...

Very cute sign. How sweet! Your schedule sounds crazy, but you are right, when you love something, it makes it all that much easier.

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, doll! x

Cassie said...

Yay! So glad to hear that your week has been wonderful so far! Way to go Dave, for being such a sweetie to his sweetie ;) I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend enjoy the sights. We're going to dinner tonight with some military friends that are moving away. . .love them. . .we endured a Command deployment together. Saturday we are having a cookout with another military friend who is home on his r&r before he heads back to Iraq. . .busy, busy.

Love the pictures you shared, Gina ;D

Valerie said...

Gina, I'm so glad your new job is going well! What a warm welcome they gave you! I love the picture of you and the phinatic. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to hear about it.


Josie said...

I'm so glad that you're loving your new job, my dear! That commute does sound exhausting but it really does sound like it's worth it. Wishing you a fabulous and relaxing weekend!
xo Josie

Becca said...

Glad to hear the transition is going well even though the schedule is a little bit earlier and longer than you are used to! Hope you are able to enjoy some down time this weekend!

Lizzy said...

Don't worry Gina... it *will* get easier. It took me about 6 months to get used to waking up so early (I also used to start my day around 9AM, haha... those were the days), but now I wake up weekdays around 6AM and even on weekends (what?!) no later than 8AM. Just be patient and make sure to get to bed early! We are so excited to have you @ Temple; this is the beginning of a great year! =)

Fashion Court said...

sounds like a tiring commute - but if you love the job, it's definitely worth it! i love that sign! so welcoming :o)

ps: check out my blogroll! xoxo

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