Tuesday, July 13, 2010

saving money or getting a good sale

{{This summer is flying by and I cannot believe that it is almost over.}} 
Summer is usually the busiest time of year for me with work-and this summer has been no different. Most people think that since I work within a University setting that I get summer's off and that I must lay around at the pool all day. 

Fact: Summer is when I play catch up from the academic year. Summer is when I train the incoming professional and student staff for the upcoming year. Plus, this year, I myself am getting trained and learning a new school. 

So-I would love to save money. Growing up saving money was not something that was taught. I do not remember saving money as a child and so growing up I never made it a priority. Now, I feel like I should start saving money instead of spending it all the time. I started to think that I didn't need a new outfit for every day and in fact that may be somewhat over the top.

So-I do not remember purchasing any clothing in the month of June. And I am going to try not to in July. 
But that does not mean I can't "window" shop or shop online.

There are some great sales right now! Many stores such as Ann Taylor Loft have an extra 40 and 50% off clearance, Banana Republic and Gap have an extra % off sale prices, and many other stores are doing the same to clear inventory to make room for new collections. If you have the funds-now is the time to shop!

Here are some items that I would buy-if I was in the market for some new clothes:
Coral dress, $59.95 on sale from $118 at Anthropologie
Nexus top, $29.95 on sale from $68 at Anthropologie

And in a couple of weekends Dave and I are going to Ocean City for the weekend. I would love to splurge and go wild and crazy at the Vineyard Vines sale, but I must resist...

Vineyard Vines, $25.99
Vineyard Flip Flops
Vineyard Vines tote, $67.99, from $95

What is on your wish list right now?

Luv & smiles,

9 thoughts:

WendyB said...

My husband would remind you that technically not even a month of summer has gone by, so you still have two months left :-)

Ashley said...

I love that coral dress! I'm currently wanting a white summery sweater..

xoxo, Ashley

Cassie said...

Oh, how cute are those!? You certainly have great taste, Gina. I don't mind shopping if I am by myself, but if others are with me I start to feel overwhelmed. It's for this reason that I rarely shop for clothes. Someday I'll get good at it, hehe.

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

LOVE the dress - that color is amazing! Anthro makes me want to swoon :]

Becca said...

I'm almost weeping that you reminded me that we're halfway through summer. Seriously - where does the time go?! I will say that the only good part about time flying is that here we are at sale time, and I can finally buy all the summer clothes I was lusting over, but too busy to shop for a couple of months ago! A busy schedule is actually a great way to keep me from shopping - not that its at all ideal either. I'm loving your picks. That anthro dress pretty much is meant to be in my closet!

Josie said...

July does have the BEST sales. But bravo to you for resisting! You could try doing the 30 for 30 challenge (Vivian of Diamonds and Tulle and Alicia of Wholesomefashion are both doing it) -- it's a fun way to resist the pressure to buy :)
xo Josie

kirstyb said...

i love the thought of saving but the sales are far to good right now! the steve madden that i want are only $40! woo hoo! shame about the $40 shipping though! dammit! xxxx

Valerie said...

Good for you, Gina! I've been trying to shop less recently as well and trying to bring back very old items and remix them to make them look fresh again. I'm impressed that you've already gone a month and a half without shopping!


Ashley said...

You are so much stronger than me, not shopping for 2 whole months? Go you! I'm craving wayyyy too many things right now, most of all the entire Jeffrey Campbell fall boot lineup. But I really need to start saving money too!


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