Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Month as a Vegetarian

{{At the beginning of July I made a conscious decision to no longer eat meat.}} 

For quite some time now, so long that I cannot recall when I started to feel this way, I began to feel badly about eating meat. I began to feel terrible after eating meat. I was no longer enjoying the taste of it. 
The main reason that I decided to no longer eat meat is because of how animals are treated so poorly before and during the slaughtering process. 
I would catch myself looking at my puppy, Polo's big brown eyes and think about his big heart and how snuggly and loving he is. I relate that to the animals that are being slaughtered for consumption. They have feelings and can love too. 
Since I have made this change, I am learning so much. I need to learn more though. I have no idea what to eat and quite frankly it is not because there is nothing that I can eat-that is a myth-I am lazy. I need to read and do research. I have been living on mac and cheese, cereal, veggies, cottage cheese, hummus and cucumber sandwiches, and cheese pizza. Probably a terrible diet but I will say that I am happier than ever. 

Although I am still figuring out what to eat, I have learned a few things about myself. The first thing I learned is that there are so many variations of vegetarians. 

 The second thing I learned is that I am not judgmental at all of others around me who choose to eat meat. In fact, I still make my fiance, Dave meat for dinner if that is what he wants to eat. It may seem hypocritical however I am not about to force my feelings onto him. He respects my decision and is extremely supportive which is the 3rd thing that I have learned. I never in a million years would have believed he would be so supportive of this decision. Why? Because so many people really care what I eat. It is amazing. It seems to be the topic of conversation at every meal. I thought for sure that Dave would question my decision on a regular basis however I told him why I made the decision and he has not asked me a defensive question about it. 

I have tons more to learn. Are you a vegetarian? If not, do you know of any vegetarians? Do you know of any good recipes to share? 

Love & smiles,

Disclaimer: This post was in no way meant to be offensive. If I have offended you, my sincerest apologies. All photo are from weheartit.com. Information about Vegetarianism is from evolvingwellness.com

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Indie.Tea said...

I used to be a vegetarian (that didnt eat eggs). I've never eaten pork or beef in my whole life though....so I do understand and admire your commitment to vegetarianism.

Annie said...

Good for you! I agree that it's horrible the way that animals are treated. I wish I was strong enough to do this too.

krmccord said...

One of my good friends is a vegetarian. The thing I love about her is that it doesn't hinder her from going out to eat at any restaurant. There is always something on the menu you can get or alter to work for you.

I don't know if you have listened to or read the Skinny Bitch books, but they are for vegans and they have lots of recipes and things in there too. Good luck!!

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

Wow, Gina! I'm so impressed. My family actually became vegetarians when I was 12 years old and it lasted for a year. It was all my parents' decision :] But my mom did make some good tofu recipes during that time. . . actually, way better than the tofu was the tempe - definitely worth trying if you want a meat substitute.

WendyB said...

Not a vegetarian but am happy to dine with them as long as they don't make a big drama of it! Most don't.

Kayla said...

I am going to try and do a week as a vegetarian. I am not a red meat eater on most occasions. Maybe a hamburger or steak once a month at most. However in the small town I live in the "meat alternatives" or anything of the sort are hard to come by. I'm hoping if I do it for a week I'll learn more about making it work. But I'm not sure I could cut out seafood. I love it!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Monique said...

There are some great vegetarian dishes out there - so yummy! Sometimes I wish I could have them, but alas too many "Pompe Poisons" for me. Cruise the internet or pick up a vegetarian cookbook and enjoy creating new things. Yes, OMG you'll need to cook! LOL!

Since I'm on my special Pompe diet I try to look food as what I CAN have rather than what I can't, so try looking at things that way and you'll surprise yourself with all that is out there.

Be sure to get enough protein, and check in with your doctor soon to make sure you're still getting enough of your essential vitamins and things like that. Often when we eliminate something from our diet we need to replace it through supplements.

Also, I've found there are "hidden" things that I can't have in dishes, so be sure to ask about those when eating out. The way you and I have to approach food is very similar now, so feel free to reach out to me!

Good luck!


Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

A great friend of mine is vegetarian and doesn't make a big deal about it at all. My feeling: take ownership of what you eat, whether it's meat or not! Kudos to your openness.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

This is awesome! I have always thought about going vegetarian, for the same reasons as you, but I don't think I could do it. I am trying to educate myself on where my meat is coming from and trying to eat more locally grown food.

Lesli said...

As you know, I am practically a life-long vegetarian. I stopped eating meat cold turkey (ha!) one day when I was 6 and I have never looked back. I am a vegetarian, not a vegan so I eat eggs & dairy products and since I also eat shrimp that TECHNICALLY makes me a Pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish. I can recommend a really good book written by Alicia Silverstone, one of my favorite actresses and star of "Clueless". She wrote a book called the Kind Diet which is really helpful. Good luck with your adventures in being a vegetarian! It is wonderful!

Amanda said...

Damien & I have been toying with this idea for quite some time now. I no longer enjoy meat either... and I find myself quite literally gagging on it if I think about what I'm eating.

I encourage you to also look into what type of milk products you are purchasing... same with eggs. It's even more disturbing how those animals are treated- and I find it even worse because these animals are kept alive and tortured for the sake of giving us food. Yuck.

<3 ya.

Becca said...

Have you talked to Emily and Megan about being a veg? Emily just started about a month ago so she's probably in the same place as you. I bet Aunt Caroline has some good vegitarian recipied to share
Love ya,

Sweet Harper said...

Good luck with your new life choice. I think it would be extremely difficult for meal planning for my family, but it's just something you probably get used to after a while. My bestie is a veg and is also the healthiest eater I know! If I were to do it, I would still eat fish. Are you eating fish still?

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