Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is!


And I promise that I have fun things in store for you!
Polo always promises a good time! 
The first day of fun is July 6th
The first day of my new job.
The first giveaway for July. 
Yes, there are multiple in July. 

What do you have planned for July, luv? Don't be shy. Please share. 

Luv & smiles,

9 thoughts:

Valerie said...

That's so exciting about your new job, Gina! And your giveaway! You're right, July is huge! I don't have much planned for July yet. I'm hoping to make it to the beach if it ever gets warm here and do some surfing, bike riding, beach frolicking, etc. :)


Kristie said...

So excited for you to start your new job! You will do great, I just know it!!!
Polo is so cute. I am such an animal lover. I am not a fan of these hot summer days in Texas so I'm not a fan of July. :(
I am a fan of your blog and all of the upcoming things you have planned for July though. Love ya!

WendyB said...

I'm getting out of town this month! Though I'm nervous about it because I don't have anyone to take care of my business for me while I'm away :-(

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

Helllllo July! Looking forward to seeing all the fun stuff you're lining up for us! :]

And love the picture of Polo! Ali likes to hide under the table too :]


Josie said...

I'm so excited for your many giveaways! I'm hoping for lots of family and friends in July, but will probably be super busy with work!
xo Josie

kirstyb said...

all is good with moi! wish i was a millionaire but other than that i really cant complain! lol! hows u? whats the new job? xxx

Cassie said...

Hey Gina! You are so sweet to have bought another card. I love ya, girl! I'm so happy it's July, but I'm not sure why. We don't have much planned, but Jim graduates from one of his Army courses at the end of the month and will start a new job in August. Is Polo settling into his new digs?

Monique said...

July - well, I'm still recovering from June, but....

Sigma Kappa Convention in Orlando Florida next week! Woot! Woot! Lonnie will be in town along with my sisters from all over the world!

2 more Lumizyme infusions and more PT and it looks like even more media attention. Not bad for a "sick" person huh?

I'll keep you posted!

Monick :)

Becca. said...

congrats on the new job!
and your dog is adorable!


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