Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello. I love you. {friday}

{{I am so excited that the weekend is here! Dave is out of town for the weekend and I have plans to...}}

Sleep! and take lots of naps with Polo!
naps with this little guy are priceless
Sew! My Mom & Grandma bought me a sewing machine for my birthday {which is Tuesday} and I plan to set up my little sewing nook this weekend and sew away...
Clean! I love having the house to myself. I really enjoy turning on some tunes, busting out the cleaning supplies and giving the house a good scrub. I am nutso though because before I can enjoy a quiet weekend to myself the house MUST be clean! So the weekend will not start until the house is dusted, vacuumed, laundry is done and put away, floors are mopped, bathrooms cleaned, you get the idea...

Blog! I will be setting up all the giveaways for my birthday week! Oh there are many! Get ready for some fun this coming week!! I am over the moon with excitement! 
Did I say sleep? Oh so excited. I can only hope it rains all weekend so I don't have to leave the house. 

What are you up to this weekend?

Luv & smiles,

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6 thoughts:

The Bonjour Family! said...

sounds like a good weekend to me... except the cleaning part. haha no really, it is nice to have a clean house. Hope you have a fabulous, restful weekend!

Looking forward to the giveaways!! yippy!

Cassie said...

That really does sound like a wonderful weekend! I hope you enjoy every minute of it, Gina ;D

Michelle said...

Perfect weekend! Especially the napping part! I wish mine was going to be as fun, but alas, I will be spending Saturday getting car stuff done (Oil changed, detailed, etc). I do hope to get some reading in, though. And a nap somewhere in there. Oh, and I have laundry to do. hehe!


WendyB said...

I love dogs with that jaunty "one ear up, one ear down" look.

Valerie said...

Gina, that sounds like the best weekend ever! I've been wanting to sew lately too. Enjoy your restful weekend! And happy early birthday!


Robyn said...

All I want from this weekend is sleep. I hope you and Polo get enough for the three of us.

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