Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talk to me.

{{do you remember when people used to talk on the telephone?}}
yea me too.
How many of you still have a LAN-line phone? If you have a LAN-line, do you use it? Do you use your cell phone to talk more than you use it to text, tweet, send photos, or do whatever else you do? 
I work at a University and it is amazing to me how many of my students communicate with one another over text messages. So many roommate conflicts are handled now over text messages. Can you imagine handling a problem with your significant other over a text message? Perhaps you do. Is that effective for you? Is so, could you share how so I could learn from you? 
In working with college students I feel like what I may understand to be "normal" communication methods may not be comfortable or preferential for this generation. 
{So in all seriousness, what are your thoughts on this topic?} 
What is your preferred method of communication? 
Do you prefer to talk over text message? Face-to face? Telephone? Email? Tweet? Post-it notes(yes, I'm serious), anything else I am missing?  
Luv & smiles,

12 thoughts:

Lesli said...

We don't have a home phone anymore. I make all necessary phone calls on my Blackberry, but I PREFER to text and will text instead if I can. Part of that has to do with the fact that I am on my phone all day for work (receptionist) so I would prefer not to get stuck talking on the phone outside of the office. But I remember the days when talking on the phone was super fun! But now it is all about text, tweet, email, Facebook.


MarchMusings said...

I prefer to email/text but sometimes a nice long rant on the phone with a girlfriend/sister is fun.

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Smoke signals, jk! I like text and email. Def never use our land lane.

Kristie said...

We do have a landline phone, but mainly for safety reasons. Cell phones die and they aren't reliable. I prefer text messaging and email, but I don't mind an occassional phone call. I actually talk to my Mom on the phone every single day.

Lesli said...

Gina, in a response to your question about meeting other bloggers in your area (Delaware) maybe just write a post about doing a Delaware blogger get together? That is how Cathy & Lisa did ours and I responded. I didn't know a soul before that night. I know a great D.C. blogger and that is kind of close, right?? You should check out Janet's blog at www.loveisblonde.com. She is a doll.

DiamondsandTulle said...

I haven't had a landline phone in over 10 years. Shocker huh! I just moved so much and never had the need for one. I guess when I moved back home for a few months I had a landline, but even then - my parents always keep it hooked up to the fax machine. speaking of which - who faxes anymore. hehehe

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

Hello*Pretty said...

No land-line here, just a cell. Although I do text often, I find it impersonal at times. My sister texted me happy birthday this year and it kind of made me sad. I miss a good chat on the phone. :) xo- karrie


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Nope, no home phone. I hate texting, though - I don't have a smart phone, so I have to type with the number pad (so frustrating!). I also work with college students and it's amazing to me how much they use text. Email is even foreign to them; emails are pretty much always from "adults." My preferred method of communication is email. My husband and I instant message during the day, and I talk to family members over the phone.

Re: the comment about creativity you left on my blog, I think most of the time it's just an issue of habit and practice. Try forcing yourself to create; not in a negative way, but say, "I'm going to sit down for the next _____ (hour, half hour, ten minutes) and make something." Don't worry about how it will come out or think about the end project, just turn on some good music, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and focus on the process. If you can get yourself in the habit of using your supplies, it will start to come easily.

Amanda said...

We definitely have a home phone- so do all my local friends and family. I talk on it more than I talk on my cell phone. I actually HATE talking on my cell phone! I occasionally text people... but email is my main mode of communication.

I'm really not a huge fan of talking on the phone... would rather meet up in person or email ya.

Robyn said...

I have never had a land line of my own. Ever since moving out of my parents' house at 18 it is all cell all the time. However, I hate the concept of a cell phone. I hate the idea that just because I own one, people feel that have the right to contact me at any time. I lose it for days at a time, and am more likely to reply to a text than a missed call.

WendyB said...

I'm an emailer!

Leigh said...

I am also an e-mailer/text, but with certain close people I NEED phone conversations absolutely still and daily LOL, and they are on my cell no landline..

Have a great weekend!

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