Saturday, June 19, 2010

mission organization

{{So this weekend I did some minor moving.}} 
I have so much more to do. Dave and I began cleaning out closets and the house looks like a hoarders convention. It is truly terrifying. Dave and I do not function well in a house full of clutter and this needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. As I knew there would be, temper tantrums have started and it has been rather stressful. I need to keep telling myself that  I can't freak out. 

To get organized, Dave has called some places and made appointments to get quotes on professional closet organization systems as there is not enough space in this 3 bedroom, 3 bath house for us. How? I am not sure- but it is true. There is very little storage space and making due with the storage space that we currently have with all the stuff we are choosing not to get rid of AND both of our strong/not budging desires to be neat freaks, requires some help-professional help. 

It amazes me that I am so calm, cool, and collected with so many aspects of life and rarely do things bother me but moving is seriously becoming my least favorite part of life. I moved 2 years ago from California to Delaware. Annoying but worth it. I moved in 2005 from Toledo, Ohio to California. Annoying but exciting and worth it. I know that this move will be worth it-but each time I move, my stress level goes up and it gets harder for me to deal with it. I will be happy when I can get moved and settled in and get back to my life. Daily life disruptions really irritate me-and this is considered a huge disruption in my routine. 
{{So please pray for me. I need patience now like no other! }}

Here are some fun items that I found to organize my new little office/crafting work space when I get some time. We are going to paint the 3rd bedroom, get new carpet or hardwood, and make it into my own special room. I am really looking forward to that. But before we can get to the fun, we have to get through the not so fun. I need an attitude adjustment. 

Thanks for letting me ramble through this with y'all!
Isn't this business card holder darling? 

I would like to get several of these or something like it to hang Polo's leash and other items.
What do you do to keep your cool during stressful life changing moments?
Luv & smiles,

6 thoughts:

Cassie said...

For some reason my comment disappeared, so I'll start over. Hi Gina! Moving certainly is a stresser, so I definitely feel for you. We've only moved like 7 times in our almost 11 year marriage which is pretty good for a military family. We've actually stayed put for the last 5 years! When I'm stressed I craft and pray while I'm crafting. I'll definitely send up some prayers on your behalf. Just remember that the end result will all be worth it ;D

Annie said...

Ugh I hate moving and packing and unpacking. I hope it's a smooth transition from here on out.

Kayla said...

Just keep in mine the end result and all the amazing new organization things you can buy and actually use. I love that stuff!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

kate funk said...

Yay for special spaces!!! I set up my desk with all of my art supplies out and easy to reach so I don't have excuses for not doing my art! It has been great so far. I think bowls of ice cream always help through stressful event, at least they can't hurt!!

CIARA said...

those hooks are lovely!!
thanks for commmeting my blog =]
xoxox ciara

Valerie said...

Oh, it would be so great to have those professional closet organizers come do their magic on your closet! I try to stay same during moves by packing slowly and giving myself lots of time, being organized, labeling boxes with their contents, etc. Good luck!


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