Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm not bluffing.

{{I love to play poker but I don't do so often because the opportunity rarely presents itself.}} 
When it does I feel like I should spend my money on other things. it is more responsible to spend my money on other things even if it is just my spending money. 
winning poker hands
I really miss playing poker and intend to play in some games or tournaments in the upcoming months. I typically play with men which is great/fine because they don't always respect or expect me to be a decent poker player and that typically equates to me winning more hands. I love to beat men. Their competitiveness and often chauvinistic attitude towards women is dampened a great deal when they lose to a woman and it is such sweet revenge! I just give them a smirk smile and a knowing look. Dave always has my back too and will say something like, "She knows her stuff. You better watch out. She's smart." 
{{Women are smart. We are powerful! And we do deserve the utmost respect! So ladies, whenever you can, prove him wrong! Do so kindly and with a smile, but know that you won a "battle" for the ladies. If nothing else, kill 'em with kindness.}} 

Luv & smiles,

5 thoughts:

Kristie said...

That's a good motto: Kill em with kindness!! Works everytime!

Cassie said...

Haha, that's great, Gina. Poker is fun, but I'm not that good. I prefer blackjack! Jim and I could sit at a blackjack table for hours ;D

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

I used to love poker! -haven't really played in a while though. Problem is, most of the fun is in taking risks. . . but I'm not really a risk taker! :]

It does feel good when your man builds you up in front of others :]

Josie said...

I LOVE playing poker! So much fun... I also love beating the boys!
xo Josie

Robyn said...

I am the worst liar in the world. Poker is not my game. :(

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