Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ditching the Ribbons

{{It is time to clean out the past. It is time to grow up. Up until now, I haven't had to do that. }}
So as I go through my apartment and even my things at Dave's house and start to clean things out, I notice all of the crap that I have been holding on to for years and years. 
Things that I no longer need or even use. For example, in 2002 when I studied abroad (yea, here we go again!), I wore this yellow coat from American Eagle every day because it was frigid cold. I loved said coat and still do because of the memories however I do not think I have worn the coat in-5 years? Longer? Not sure. Time to ditch the coat. 

Growing up I loved playing with Barbies. When I became an adult my parents continued to buy me Barbies however rare collectible one's or designer Barbies. In my first job I displayed them in my office and my students loved them. I did that simply because I had no other place to store them. Now I really have no place for them but do not want to just pitch them either so there they sit. in a box. 

I am going to be 29 in July. Sometimes, particularly during football season when I am decked out in my Ohio State Buckeyes jersey I enjoy wearing a white ribbon bow in my hair because it is cute. The bow is also from a Tiffany box from a gift that I received from my Masters graduation in 2005. At 29, there are other ways to be cute than wearing a bow. Time to ditch the ribbons. 
Dave & I tailgating at a Delaware game (see the bow peeking out)
I am at a point in my life where I am going through many things that I have and cleaning out and clearing out my closets, drawers, boxes, things, crap, stuff that I have been holding on to. It feels great to do all these things but someone said to me, {{"Gina-be careful that you do not lose your identity." }} I hear that. I do and trust me I am cognizant of it because it is a FEAR but at the same time I don't want to be a hoarder! I also must argue, is my identity attached to material items such as a Barbie, ribbons, or an old coat? I would hope not. I would hope that my identity could ebb and flow and change along with me as I change as a person. 

I also think that there comes a point when I need to grow up and by getting rid of certain brands or items of clothing because I personally feel juvenile in them, that that is okay-I am creating my new identity. Tell me, have you gone through this? Is this normal? 
My brother Bill and I
This past weekend when I was home for my brother's graduation, my younger brother Bill asked me if I felt old because I was getting ready to turn 30. I laughed and honestly said, {{"No. In fact, I am so excited to turn 30. My 20's were filled with insecurities, searching for love, and acceptance from others. I finally feel like I get it now. And I am coming into my own. My 30's will only bring more of that. So bring it. Bring on the 30's!"}} 
Luv & smiles,

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kate funk said...

I think we all go through these transitions from time to time and I think it is a healthy way to grow. My gentleman friend is 30 and I think he has more confidence then anyone I know in their 20s, so enjoy it my dear!!

Lesli said...

I totally understand all this & relate to EVERYTHING!

Great post!

I am in the middle of decluttering as well. I always seem to be decluttering, but you are moving so that is the absolute best time to do it--because you HAVE to--no choice really.

I think we are always constantly changing & we don't have to hold onto everything to keep our memories of the past. I just want to be lighter--have less material things weighing me down.

Kristie said...

Yes! I understand what you are going through. I love my 30s and wouldn't go back to my 20s for anything. It's ok to hold on to those Barbies though because you may want them later if you are sentimental or nostalgic. The coat can definitely go. I say if you haven't worn it in 2 years, it's outta my closet. Gotta make room for the new clothes!! Just a quick little confession: I still wear hair ribbons in my hair and I'm 35. Just sayin.

Kayla said...

I think so for it. When I moved into my apartment I got rid of lots of clothing brands that made me feel young. It's just a mental thing to help us transition I think. There's no problem with it; but if you love something keep it despite the brand.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

WendyB said...

I seriously can't even remember 30 >:-(

Sadako said...

Agree...transitions, etc. are hard. Loving your blog though!

Monick said...

No! No! Not the yellow coat! I have so many photos and memories of you in that coat as we made our way around Europe. I could alway find you in a crowd amoung all the black and grey coats. You should save just a little piece of the material for scrapbooking. That coat is part of my memory collection too!

Love you, love your coat!


Valerie said...

I go through phases like this when I clean out all my old junk only to find out that it all comes back in style a few months later! So now I'm hoarding again. We'll see how long I can last before I run out of space.

Thank you for your comment! My camera is actually from the stone age. I think it was the first canon elph digital ever made and it only has 3.2 megapixels (basically the same as my phone)! My husband keeps telling me he needs new "equipment" since he's usually the one taking pictures of my outfits but I keep putting it off. We'll have to get a new camera soon, but I have no idea what to get.


Lonnie said...

I am glad I am not the only one ready to turn 30! (Even though I will do it not long after you turn 29 :).)

I recently got rid of the dark purple coat that I bought in Reading, becuase it too had been hanging in my closet since probably 2003. :)

Annie said...

Every couple of years I go through my things and feel really weird throwing some things away, even if I haven't worn/used them in a long time. I have a huge box where I keep some of those things just so I feel like I'm not losing my identity every time I purge my wardrobe. I think a lot of people can relate to this.

Josie said...

I know that you're on an entirely different scale, but I felt quite the same when I was headed off to college. I think that it comes with any transition. I can be rather sentimental and didn't want to get rid of anything, but I ended up getting together with my friends and having possibly the most epic garage sale ever, haha.
xo Josie

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