Tuesday, May 11, 2010

travel much?


A little something about me-I LOVE to travel. I love to see new things and experience a new town. I love to mingle with the locals and eat local foods. I love to just "be" when I travel. From the minute I leave the house and am on the way to the airport, I let loose and feel stress-free.

Until..I get to the TSA check-point. I hate having to unpack all of my toiletries (in a plastic baggy of course) and hope that the crew is in a good mood so they will overlook my full size products.

Worry no more...have you heard of 3floz.com? 3floz.com was created to sell amazing products in small travel sizes-no bigger than 3fluid ounces- such as Jonathan, Blow, DDF, Beauty without Cruelty, ahava, and the list goes on.
Jonathan Weighless Shampoo in a travel-friendly 3 fl oz size, $8

*Sigh* No more worries at TSA!

Do you have any fun trips planned?
Luv & smiles,

6 thoughts:

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

safe and stylish travels, sweets!!

Kim said...

I travel lots and lots for work and I have made a trip a month to the US from London this year so far and the TSA drive me crazy. They always open my checked bag and always want to look in my carry on. I have no idea what it is but it happens every time and only in the US.

Still last trip was an extra six days in NYC thanks to the Volcano!! I will never not smile when I use that excuse :D

That weblink you have posted looks excellent!!! Thanks for that! :D

Sweet Harper said...

I haven't traveled much recently since I have two small ones. But we're planning a trip for September, so I need to get up to date on the dos and don'ts :-)

Annie Spandex said...

My bf is taking me on a road trip next week for my birthday but he won't tell me where. I'm so excited! can't wait

kirstyb said...

im off to Ibiza next month! i cant wait xxxxxxx

Ashley said...

Oh that is so cool! What a great website! I rarely travel via airplanes, as they terrify me, but if I did I would definitely check out this site - it would make packing so much easier!


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