Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penny For Your Thoughts

Hiya friends. 
So the other day I was out shopping-big surprise-I know-but I stopped by Kohl's as it is right by the fiance's house. I had yet to try on the Lauren Conrad for Kohl's line and so I stopped by and checked it out. 
Source: Kohl'

LC is cute. Sweet even. Quiet. Very much like the clothes. They looked cute and sweet hanging quietly on the racks however they did not have much style, appeal, or pizazz to them. In fact, there were other brands around such as Daisy Fuentes and Vera Wang for Kohl's that I was drawn to instead. I am not sure why LC's clothes looked so bland to me-it was as if they had no personality and I really tried hard to like them! Really! 

The fabrics were soft and felt comfortable. I tried on a tunic or two with a pair of leggings but the fit was not for me. I looked frumpy-the XS was really quite large on me and that is rare. I also tried on a party dress and again, the fit was disappointing. I really wanted the blue silk number too because at 80% off it was a friendly $17! I couldn't make it work-the ruffles stuck out so far when the dress was supposed to be a tight mini and the size 4 barely fit around my thigh. The size 6 however hung really loose on me like a sack. 

Since Kohl's is so close to the fiance's house I will try the LC line again when they add this skirt. After all I would love this skirt to go with my new bodysuit! 
Have you tried the Lauren Conrad line? What has your experience been with it? 

Luv & smiles,

7 thoughts:

BarelyVogue said...

I love LC and her style
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Fashion Court said...

i LOVE her style but i don't think it translates well at kohls. i def agree, i was looking so forward to seeing this in stores but when i did i nearly passed it up!

ps thank you so much for your kind words xoxo

Walk The Sand said...

Unfortunately we don't get it here in the UK... but it doesn't look at all like I'd expect a line from LC to look. The skirt has lovely qualities though.
Great post, thanks for sharing.

Robyn said...

I don't visit many retail stores... it's a job thing. However, I have run into several of her discarded pieces at thrift stores. Let me tell you. Either people are just wearing them to death before donating them, or they are REALLY poorly made. They are always faded, pilling, and stretched. Like I said, it could just be the people donating them.

hiyaluv said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This is why I love blogging so much because I really enjoy hearing others opinions.

Robyn-really interesting comment! Now I am really curious and want to purchase something (only DEEPLY discounted) just to try to experiment with and see if it wears fast. :)


spiffy said...

I think they are fine as a trendy piece but nothing that will last long. I am a big fan of kohls though and like to see what I can find - always a good sale going on there!

Ciara. said...

LC style is Great! bu idon't think kohl's is the right store to translate.

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