Saturday, May 1, 2010

april recap-better late than never

So many fun things happened in April! We started off with cold weather and ended with cold weather but that is okay-the month was so splendid-even the weather could not get me down!

We started off the month with Dave's big birthday! And by BIG I mean the big 4-0! 40 is so young-it is the new 30 so I am not sure what he is all worried about...perhaps when I hit 4-0 I will understand. Men age so well-just ask George Clooney! Swoon...
Here are some pics from D's birthday celebration.
This cake was so delish. 
D wanted lemon filling-bleh if you ask me-but since it wasn't my bday, I got him 2 layers of lemon filling. The cake was a big hit and so good. My favorite part was the icing! 
D's cake on fire with all the candles. Oops-I was candle happy. And you get the point-I liked the cake.
The birthday boy & I.

And I have lots of other pics as you can imagine however I have much more to share for April.

D and I also vacationed in Southern California and Arizona which was so nice. We were gone for over a week though which was the longest we have ever been away from our dog, Polo. Needless to say, I am not sure if we will take another vacation of great length in the near future.
In a previous blog I mentioned that we went to several baseball games (we watched my Phillies play D's Arizona Diamondbacks) and we also went to a Phoenix Suns Playoff basketball game, took a tour of Chase Field, saw a couple movies, etc.
Side note: Have you ever stayed at the Double Tree? I love that they give you warm chocolate chip cookies at check-in and also at night when they come into the room to do turn-down service. 

Tour of Chase Field
The swimming pool and hot tub in the outfield at Chase Field. $6500 to rent it out, includes food and drinks for 35. Dave thinks that this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. 
Me in a Dbacks shirt. **GASP** I didn't mean to cheat on my Phillies one night. This was the night the Dbacks played the St. Louis Cardinals. 
Here we are at the Suns game. Once the game started, taking pics was my LAST priority. 
And-last pic-I have so many I want to share but I like this one because the Arizona State University football stadium is in the background and I LOVE college football!!! Only a little over 100 days til the new season begins!!

What else have I been up to?
Lots of things-brainstorming funness for May of course. 
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Happy Weekend Luvs!

luv & smiles,

5 thoughts:

elledee said...

cute pictures! looks like fun!

Amanda said...

Happy Bday to the future hubby!!! 40 is the new 30 ;-)

LOVE the pictures and updates... you should vacation in NORTHERN california next time- you can bring Polo too!!!

LOVE you!

Phuong said...

ver cute pictures! And happy bday to him!

DiamondsandTulle said...

Hi Gina! Looks like an adventure filled month, though J would appreciate this post a heck of a lot more than I am. I'm always sooo over sports unless I'm there at the game and even then it's mostly about food and drinks.

xx Vivian @

Lonnie said...

I love the Double Tree cookies! I have stayed at the one in downtown Albuquerque and the one in Santa Fe, and the cookies were so good! :)

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