Sunday, April 4, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

Happy weekends are made of this:
Top:Splendid, Jeans: True Religion, Shoes: Gabrielle Rocha, Purse: Coach,Watch: Fossil, Bracelet, Necklace: Tiffany&Co.
Long walks with Polo and Dave. This is Polo & I resting after our walk and before we left him to go out with friends on Friday night. We hate leaving him because he looks at us with the saddest brown eyes.

Another aspect of this wonderful weekend was that the weather was gorgeous! It was sunny and 70 without a cloud in the sky and a slight cool breezy blowing. We went to our favorite locally owned cafe for breakfast on Saturday morning and then in the early afternoon we took a drive 45 minutes north to Philly to see the Phillies play against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a preseason game.
We got to the game early enough that we were invited to try out the 3 new potential Citizens Bank Park signature hot dogs for 2010! Dave thought this was super exciting and of course our opinions differed! :)

In order: Olde Philly Dog, South Philly Dog, & Summer Dog
I wish that we didn't have to pick one because they were all good in their own way--

Dave & I & our friend shadow
And then Sunday is always the best day of the weekend-->well usually. My job often requires that I have meetings on Sunday nights because that is the only time that I can meet with a large number of my students at once. However as it is Easter Sunday, there are no meetings tonight which makes for a very happy me! Dave always calls Sunday NCS or No Commitment Sunday because Sunday is a day of rest and a day to do nothing but recuperate and get ready for the upcoming week. As it is Easter we did Easter things. And I made dinner-not a traditional Easter dinner but that is fine with me-I don't like being traditional. Steak & shrimp with mashed taters with cheese and sour cream for us! 

Shrimpys with butter & old bay


Another awesome thing about this weekend was that I made some great blog friends and I am really excited about that! Hip Hip Hooray! 

What did you do for the weekend? What would you consider a nice, relaxing, awesome weekend? 

Luv & Smiles,

11 thoughts:

Lexi Colby said...

i really like your watch! xx

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

mmmmm all your food looks so yummy. now i want an easter hot dog. :)

Amanda said...

Love NCS!!! Perfection.

I also love the pic of your ring :)

Ashley said...

Polo is so, so cute! And those hot dogs and that shrimp is making my mouth water! Sounds like the perfect weekend :)


kirstyb said...

love that watch x

Robyn said...

I love games on the weekend. I prefer football to baseball, but any excuse to wear jeans and drink beer in the afternoon can't be turned down. Looks like you had fun.

Fashion Court said...

that looks so fun! i LOVE baseball! and i love your watch :o)

Diya said...

nice watch! all the food choices are making me hungry. all three hot dogs look delish...

ps. if you have a minute please check out my blog

Kate said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Your watch is really cute!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Polo is soooo cute. Scrumptious looking food too! Loving your blog, we'll definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy! Bonne nuit xx

DiamondsandTulle said...

I love that NCS! Polo is adorable and those shrimp and hot dogs look delish! THANKS so much for your comment Gina! It really means alot. I guess my first kind comment from that one girl - left me a little vulnerable and I decided to hide part of my post to build up a lil wall. Thanks though so much for what you said. Your weekend looks perfectly relaxing!

xx Vivian @

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