Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today was one of those days when I woke up feeling great and one dreadful hour managed to spoil my entire day. I know-I have complete control over this, or so the saying goes, and that is what people tell me and bleh bleh-but...I am typically a very positive person and look at the bright side of things. I will spare you the stomping and the whining that I performed for D tonight-haha I didn't really, but wouldn't that be kind of funny if I did?!

So-a fantastic, flattering, something special happened today!! I received an email a couple of weeks back from Michele over at asking if she could feature me on her shopping website.
Check it out here!

He never fails to make me smile. 

REMEMBER!!! My very first GIVEAWAY will be announced FRIDAY!!!!

4 thoughts:

Kim said...

Gina, I think for as much as we like to think we have complete control over every moment last weeks Volcano reminded me that sometimes s**t just happens! :D I hope today is a better one for you!! That said being featured is rather cool! :D

Cute puppy! :D

kirstyb said...

looking forward to your first giveaway xxxx

Robyn said...

I am exactly the same way. One upsetting email can ruin my entire day. Glad that the feature perked up your day though. Congrats.

Leigh said...

Yeah for first giveways!! But yes I am also the same way and I hope you were able to make better of your day.. I am still learning to let things go at times.. (stubborn) that I am ;0

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