Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A face in the crowd

For you sporty fashionistas out there who want to look cute while going to the game-all is not lost. You do not have to settle to wear your bf's old t-shirts that are ten sizes too big or even buy a little boys size large in your favorite team's logo.

A few years back Alyssa Milano launched a line of sports team apparel for women and although cute, most is not my style. Additionally for something that I would not wear on a regular basis the cost of Touch is not easy on the wallet.
Alyssa Milano sporting a tube top with my favorite team's logo. A mere $27 will get you this cutie on
Lakers Jeans for $50, modeled by Alyssa on her site Fandalia
Enter Victoria's Secret Pink. Last fall the Pink line introduced college apparel and while I was very excited about this as I love Pink comfort wear, I was quite dismayed that my favorite team, The Ohio State Buckeyes were not represented. I am sure this was not due to Victoria's Secret Pink's lack of attempts to get a license...Nonetheless, I went through fall without any cute Pink collegiate gear and I managed.  However, I was really excited and happy to see Victoria Secret Pink debut MLB gear this spring AND my Philadelphia Philles were represented! While still not as wallet-friendly as I would like for something that I cannot wear to work or on a daily basis for that matter, such apparel is comfortable, adorable, and more my style.
Victoria's Secret Pink MLB Phillies T, $26.50, available at Vickie's

Another cute T by Victoria's Secret Pink, $32.50, ALSO available on

Here is to happy faces in the crowd! :) 
Luv & Smiles,

10 thoughts:

Robyn said...

I hate when celebrities launch clothing lines that you know they never wear. I think girly fan wear is fun, but I bet she has never worn any of these items outside this photo shoot.

WendyB said...

I do like a top with a sex-ay low back.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Those Phillies shirts are sooooo cute! I wish I had a team to root for---I'm not much of a sports fan. One of these days I hope to adopt a team and get really into it though, if only so I can buy a cute t-shirt! xoxo katie

I am Khatu said...

don't they have sporty clothes like that at under armor, dick's or whatever already?

kirstyb said...

ah i actually love it x

hiyaluv said...

I am Khatu-I am unsure about under armor however I do not like the fit of their clothing-runs really small:/. Dick's does sell sporting apparel for women but in my experience with brands such as Majestic or Champion they tend to shrink after first wear. I also find that the fabric of these brands are not as soft or "friendly" to a women's shape and almost look "boxy" when on-at least on me. I have not had that experience with Victoria's Secret Pink. Are there particular brands at Dick's that you have tried?

Fashion Court said...

i LOVE this post! :o) i need some yankees gear from VS stat!

Picnics and Peonies said...

LOVE those tops!! SO CUTE! I wish they made cute women's clothes like that for the Canucks :)

Ashley said...

I saw some Syracuse gear at Victoria's Secret the other day, and it was so, so cute! But a little expensive... I hope it goes on sale!



lovely t-shirt

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