Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly Randoms

I have taken a week (or 2?) off from my weekly randoms posts but am back and in full force!
*Today I was without power from 9am-5pm. It was terrible. I realize how much I use and rely on electricity and how much I take it for granted. I could not take a hot shower. I could not charge my phone, or do anything (flat iron, curl, spritz, spray?) my greasy hair that needed washed because my bathroom was too dark, I could not eat and all my food in the fridge spoiled, AND the real kicker-once my laptop died-I really felt lost. So what do I do when I get fed up? Head to the fiance's house where I get to play with
You see, I live where I work and am not allowed to have my Polo live with me so he lives with the fiance-for now! :)

*The past couple of days have been really dreary so there has been no shopping to be had for me. The fiance and I did go to the mall yesterday and I was thrilled to see Anthropologie and J. Crew are now open. I was even more excited to see that H&M opens in May! H&M is hit or miss with me though-
*The fiance turns 40 in a week and I am busy planning his birthday party. We are having a poker game Friday night and then a party at his favorite bar on Saturday night. Really looking forward to it although he is dreading the number. Pshh-40 is the new 30! 
*I have always and will forever hate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The smell, taste, and sight of the nastiness makes my tummy do somersaults.
*I am really excited about my upcoming trip! 
*I think this shoe is fantastic. I love the ballerina toe-I can envision myself trying to dance...no not really. 
Christian Louboutin, photo: Neiman Marcus
*My Meemaw makes this fantastic dinner, Chicken & Noodles over mashed potatoes with homemade bread. It doesn't sound difficult, right? Wrong. I made it the other night EXACTLY as she told me too-and it turned out a bland, gross, heap of noodles. It was so bad that Dave (the fiance) and I threw it out and went hungry for the night.-Sike! We had something else to eat but we did pitch the noodles. Very sad to waste food like that-it was just so bland even after a bottle of pepper and salt on it. Have you ever tried to make a family tradition dish and failed? I was so sad. All I could think about was when Meemaw isn't around anymore, nobody will be able to make this recipe! :(
*There are so many things I want these days. I need to focus on wants vs. needs. Dave is great at helping me with this. Sometimes I get pissed about that and sometimes I appreciate it. 
*I promise more substance in future randoms but this was more like a "free-write" than anything pre-meditated. 
Luv & Smiles,

11 thoughts:

WendyB said...

Happy early birthday to Dave.

Fashion Court said...

omg polo is so cute! hehe. those shoes are to die for!

Ashley said...

Polo is too cute!! Aww :) And I *love* those shoes!


kirstyb said...

those shoes look fab and your doggy is so cute - shame he cant stay with you x

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I feel the same way about pb&j...I don't think I've ever liked it, and never will! Guess I'm not the only one, though! :)

Love those shoes, too! Although I would seriously kill myself in them...

P.S. Be sure to come by The Sweetest Petunia to enter to win a lovely necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs!

LA said...

OH! Cute POLO!! Love it!

Oh... I would die to afford a pair of Louboutins... :s


CCWai said...

Looks like you have a lot of things going on! Polo looks very cute.

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Happy early b'day to D!

Robyn said...

I cannot even begin to function without electricity. I think I would break down and cry.

hiyaluv said...

Yes, it was terrible without electricity. I almost did cry. I am not sure what was worse-the fact that I couldn't even take a hot shower, the fact that all my food spoiled, or my laptop died. I was really at a lost. I just took a long nap and then went to the fiance's house because I was fed up and tried to wait it out long enough! :) I was shocked I had waited as long as I did. Usually I throw in the towel in an hour but it was POURING so I wasn't about to go get wet! Pshh! :)

Teresa said...

Awww, your doggie is so cute! Those Louboutins are pretty nice too! Love the added platform on such a classic shoe.


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