Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekly Randoms

* Sometimes I use twitter as another forum for my random thoughts. I know I am not the only one.
* Now that it is getting warmer outside I have started to see some outdoor cats in my fiance's neighborhood. One particular cat is so puurrrfect and sleek that he/she reminds me of this cutie from this Miu Miu bag.
* I am craving a nap but must go to the gym instead. 
* I am really looking forward to going to Ohio this weekend to visit with my grandparents, my Mom, and my cousins who are flying in from San Diego. A weekend of debauchery is much needed after a long work week.
* Lately I have been wishing that I was a stay at home housewife. Not permanently but perhaps for a few days. I would love to get organized, clean, do laundry, sleep, read books, knit, cook, bake, and maybe even lay on the couch and do nothing all day but watch soap operas (not saying that this is what a housewife does all day...) but I seriously feel like I have no time to do anything domestic these days.

* With spring comes baseball and for that I am happy. I can't wait to go to a Phillies game! When I was little I used to go to the Phillies games every so often with my Dad and the Phanatic is a great childhood memory. 

* I hate paying shipping when I am shopping online. Actually, I loathe it. I have tried to get over this dilemma. I try to ignore my annoyance when my total is hiked up upwards of $10-$15 when I am checking out. I often find myself closing out my purchase though. I can't deal with it. I guess I'm cheap and I hate that about myself. 
* Hershey's Chocolate Hugs are delish. I keep a stash in my desk drawer at work to get me through the afternoon lull. I crave chocolate all the time. 
* I am in search of a black obi belt to go with a vintage dress I just purchased. If you know of a good place to purchase one, send me a message. Thanks in advance.
* I ended up skipping the gym & the nap today. My fiance and I went out to dinner instead. Now I feel sick because we don't eat out that often anymore and I am very excited that I have a double workout to look forward to tomorrow. :)

1 thoughts:

Amanda said...

1. I absolutely will not pay shipping costs. Won't do it.
2. I need to get back into a gym routine... but I'm so tired and not motivated.
3. If you think you don't have time now to be domestic, wait till you have two kids running around, LOL. You just make time... and get very little sleep.


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