Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly Randoms

So my best friend from college started "10 on Tuesdays" where she writes ten statements in a blog post on Tuesday (pretty self-explanatory). The statements do not have a theme necessarily and they can vary in topic. I love the idea as there are so many times that I want to jump on to my blog and write a thought or a comment but think, "I don't have enough for a post." Combined with my friend's idea and my spontaneous blog thoughts, I have come up with Weekly Randoms. So once, a week I will compile randoms and post. Pretty straight forward right?


* I luv my handwriting font. In fact, I adore it because it is different however I am worried that readers will be turned off by a font that is not typical; not like the standard norm. I do not like being the standard norm but I do not like having no readers. So back to normal font.

* What's in a name? Hiya Luv. Where did it come from? I studied abroad at the University of Reading, England in the winter of 2002 for several months. I met lovely people and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I also learned several expressions that I adore and one is Hiya Luv. If you have not been to the UK or even Europe, Hiya is like saying Hello. And Luv is...well a nice thing to say to any young lady. So there you go-Hiya Luv. It's cute, darling, charming, and reminds me of London.

*I really want a red velvet cupcake right now.

*I cannot get motivated to go to the gym. I have been paying a gym membership every month and I just do not go. It is driving me nuts. I even told myself as of March 1st I would go. I had to. I would be motivated. March 1st came and went. March 2nd came and went. Tomorrow...I will go to the gym. Perhaps.

*Why is it such a struggle? For real? When I lived in California I went to the gym religiously every single day! So frustrating that I am not motivated!

*I tried gluten free today for the first time. I found this really cute bakery and I went inside thinking I was going to get a great cupcake and I found out it was a gluten free only baker. I thought okay, no problem-why not try it? I tried it. A cute apple spice muffin. I might as well have ate a sponge. Sadness ensued.

*As I get older I realize more and more how often I take life for granted. I really appreciate everything I have and everyone in my life.

*With that said, I would love these shoes.

Yves Saint Laurent Chloris Sandal=Luv
I just love the rose on the strap and then the thorn-like thistle detail on the heel. They do have a 4 1/2" heel and a 1" platform so I would have to practice walking in them but I don't have to worry because with a price tag of $895, I'd say they are a wee bit out of my price range. However, they still make me smile! :)

Luv & Smiles,


2 thoughts:

Ashley said...

I love the idea of weekly randoms! And I'm with you on the gym thing, I was doing so well for about 2 months then I just stopped working out entirely (and started eating much much more...), but let's make a goal! Monday we will start going to the gym again - *fingers crossed* :)


hiyaluv said...

Yes! We should def keep each other on course with the gym. :)I will start Monday if you do!:)

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