Monday, March 29, 2010

Let the Wild Rompus Start!

When I was young I used to enjoy reading the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are." I particularly loved the part of the book when Max starts his "wild rumpus" and begins marching into a colorful forest with his monster friends.
As a child I also liked to wear rompers. They were easy to put on and I had 2 adorable rompers that come to mind that I wore all the time. One was classic all denim and the other was white and pink-so cute and I wish I had pictures to share with you all.

What comes around goes around and here we are again with the rompers. I am not even sure if the rompers have ever really been totally out of style. A couple of years back I purchased a sexy jumpsuit from Marciano that I wore out to Rum Jungle in Las Vegas however I never wore it again and ended up thrifting it because it was so difficult to use the ladies room in it! TMI-I know but so true! I may have looked H-O-T that night in Rum Jungle but every time I needed to go to the ladies room I had to fully de-cloth and that was far from H-O-T depending on who you asked. It was quite the nuisance.

So, I find myself totally in adoration for these adorable rompers and jumpsuits that are all over the place now but am wondering if the ladies room is going to be a problem. Regardless, here are some of my fav's.
From left to right, top to bottom.
1. ModCloth Big Sky Romper-$39.99
2. Bloomingdales Micro Sateen Romper by BCBGMAXAZRIA-$188
3. Lulu's Frisbee Match Romper-$38.00
4. Bloomingdales DKNY Silk Belted Romper-$245
5. shopbop Cap Sleeve Romper by Robert Rodriguez-$378
6. asos Where Are You Now Josie Big Ben T-shirt Jumpsuite-$128.21
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Paired with some cute sandals or pumps and you are one H-O-T mama.
Luv & smiles,

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