Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Flies

Time Flies 
It is amazing how weekends fly by but a week can take what feels like a year. My weekend started out with a great date night with Dave on Friday. We started off the evening with happy hour at one of our favorite places in Philly, Chickie’s & Pete’s. They had just opened their new “Play” sports bar for those of you that are video game enthusiasts. I had never seen anything like it.  The bar was typical with tables, a grand bar, lots of televisions, booths, etc. What made this part of the bar so unique was that it was an adult playground. There were separate rooms with sofas, flat screens, and video game equipment that you could rent for $15 an hour per person. Yikes! I thought that was steep for video games but I am not a gamer so I would not know. However, they are running an introductory special right now for $5 per person per hour. If you want to try it, now is the time! My favorite part was the Rock Band rooms. I thought they were cute.  

After Chickie’s & Pete’s we went to watch the Philadelphia 76ers vs. the San Antonio Spurs. The American Heart Association was having a Red Dress benefit at the Philadelphia 76ers game and we got tickets in the Red Dress box. It was a night of silent auctions, red boas, and great food with proceeds going to benefit a wonderful cause. As I am a sports lover, I had a fantastic time watching the Sixers battle the San Antonio Spurs AND take home a win, which is rare as the Sixers are in the midst of a losing season.  Nonetheless, it is always fun to see the stars  (Allen Iverson, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan were tonight’s’ notables) up close and in action.

On Saturday I took my students on an annual Retreat. This year they chose to go to Longwood Gardens. Longwood Gardens is so peaceful and refreshing. As I had always been to the gardens in the spring and/or summer, I was not sure what to expect in the dead of winter and after a big snowstorm. I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty that the park possessed even with all the bleak white snow. There was a calmness throughout the gardens and my visit was quite pleasant. I spent my entire visit indoors smelling orchids, roses, peonies (my favorite!) and all types of spring flowers. I had a great time with my students also as we took pictures and participated in our staff photo scavenger hunt. After Longwood Gardens we all went out to eat at a Hibachi buffet and bonded over eclectic foods. My students had a great time bonding, getting to know one another better, and enjoyed their time off campus. 

My favorite day of the weekend is Sunday. Dave calls it “No Commitment Sunday” because he never commits himself to anything. Being around him has made me slow down and enjoy my Sundays and keep them for family. On Sunday I like to make breakfast, read a book, snuggle with Polo, take a long nap, and make a nice dinner. Tonight I was not feeling particularly overzealous and therefore made a simple turkey caeser salad with a low calorie peppercorn dressing.

What do you like to do on your weekends? 

Luv & Smiles,

P.S. Do you like my new font? This is my actual handwriting! Pretty rad huh?! 

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WendyB said...

Hmmm....that last picture is rather phallic! ;-)

Lulu, Karl, y Carlita said...

So fun!

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