Saturday, January 9, 2010

my love for cupcakes, football, & etsy

I am the biggest sucker to sweets but lately I have been staying away from anything unhealthy. I think the new year's resolution will wear off in a week or so but I haven't had a cupcake in over a week and that is pretty amazing for me! You see-I am addicted to cupcakes-well frosting really and usually treat myself to a gourmet one once or twice (depending on how my week is going and how cold it is outside) a week. Cupcakes have almost become my cup of coffee-isn't that rediculous? They are just so cute. I even have a cupcake apron that I sport around the kitchen!
Well whatever.
Second thing I love is football. College football is now over which has me feeling blue and at a loss until August. I will begin to count down the days til college football starts again after March Madness basketball ends but until then I will get by with college basketball. Nonetheless, I do have NFL for a little while.
So another new weakness of mine is Etsy. I have recently purchased an amazing handmade scarf that I love, love, love and am now addicted to this website. You can find the coolest handmade things ranging from clothes to dog collars to cupcakes! Yes! Cupcakes!
Sadly, I will be at a conference in Tampa and will not be having a Super Bowl party this year or I would HAVE to order these beer flavored cupcakes. Yes, I said BEER flavored cupcakes. Guiness or Blue Moon anyone? I can just see Dave now if I was running around in my cupcake apron with a platter of beer flavored cupcakes at our Super Bowl party! ha! hmmm...maybe next year...

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Amanda said...

I just love you!!! LOL

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