Monday, December 28, 2009

Road Trip!

Tomorrow Dave, Polo, and I will embark on a road trip to see my family in Ohio. It will be a trip of firsts for us-first time Polo & Dave will take a 8.5 hour road trip, first time Polo will visit Ohio, first time we will stay with my brother instead of my Mom-oh hell the list could go on...what really matters is that this trip shall be interesting. When Polo was a puppy he got sick in the car when we drove 5 hours to Arizona. I am really hoping that he doesn't get sick because Dave will freak out. (Dave loves Polo like a son.)

One of the most exciting things that will take place during this trip of firsts is my sibling gift exchange. As the oldest of 5, it gets very expensive buying gifts for all my siblings so this year we did a Pollyanna (is that what it is called?) and we are all getting together with our significant others for some games and cocktails. I will most likely make up some goodies to snack on as well.

I will write when I return-in 2010! Have a safe and fun New Year! <3

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