Saturday, November 7, 2009

Try new things, find new passions

I recently just went on a great vacation with the bubs and while on vacation he talked me into trying wine. In the past I have always shunned wine because I have always experienced headaches after drinking a glass of wine. I really enjoy a nice cold beer every now and then and after the very first sip, I begin to experience pains of the head-boo-I know! So, I thought-why not try wine? It's been years since I have AND I have nothing to lose. We bought a cheap bottle of wine at the store-pinot grigiot-and now I am hooked. I did not get a headache and I enjoyed the taste of the wine so much. So now, I have found myself reading blog after blog about wines-so fun-so interesting and I am learning so much. Stay tuned as I am sure I will add more in the future about wine adventures as I am sure we will visit a winery sometime soon.

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