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Wedding Planning on a Budget - Tips You Can Use

Weddings are big business here in the U.S., with the average price of them coming in at a whopping $26,645 in 2017. This is despite the fact that most couples (46% percent of them) say their budget is set at no more than $20,000. It’s clear that not only are they expensive, but it can also be hard to remain in budget.
If you’re in the beginning stages of planning a wedding and you don’t want to find yourself going over budget and in debt after the wedding is over, then you will want to read on and check out these economical wedding planning tips. Just because you are working within a strict budget, doesn’t mean you have to make all kinds of sacrifices and end up with a wedding you aren’t happy with.

Scale Back the Guest List

One very big cost-savings measure couples can take is to scale back the guest list. It’s a good idea to each make a list of who you’d like to invite, combine those lists, and then take a look at where you can make cuts. Sure it would be great to invite everyone you know, but keep in mind that for each guest you invite you’ll be spending that much more money. Not only that, but when you have a massive guest list, the space you need to rent will be that much bigger, and that much more expensive.
For those couples on a really tight budget, you can keep it to family members and closest friends only.

Skip the Designer Cake Maker

A wedding cake is a staple at any wedding, and no-one says you should give up on this tradition. Instead, look for ways to save money on the cake itself. Those independent designer cake makers are responsible for some stunning creations of course, but those cakes come with an extremely high price tag, sometimes in the thousands of dollars range.
A money-saving tip is to look at your local grocer and see if they design and bake wedding cakes. Take, for example, Kroger, who is known for their impeccable celebration cakes. As allcakeprices.com discusses, the average two-tier wedding cake is priced at just $89.50, whereas the three-tier option is only $119.00. This can make the dream wedding cake a whole lot more budget-friendly.

Pay a Friend to DJ the Wedding

Because a wedding is a party, you need to have music, but a DJ can be very pricey to hire. Instead, load up a music player device with all your favorite tunes and hire one of your friends to be the "DJ" for the event. All you'll need is a set of speakers.

Look for a Budget-Friendly Location

The location in which your wedding is held offers another area for savings. Rather than rent a large expensive hall, take a look at more reasonably priced spaces. If you, a family member, or friend happens to have a fabulous backyard, there is also that option too.

A Beautiful Wedding that Doesn’t Break the Bank

There are all kinds of ways that you can plan a wedding on a budget, while still ensuring that the day is perfect and just how you dreamed it would be.

Monday, February 5, 2018

5 Tips to sleeping better at night

Sleep is seriously one of my favorite pastimes. It is amazing how much better I feel after a good night of sleep or after a nap on a rainy day. I am a nap queen and believe that you can lead a healthier, happier life if you are well rested. While I am an avid sleep fan, there have been times in my life when sleeping was not easy to do. Stress, worry, and being overly tired all contributed to my inability to get a good night of sleep. During my divorce, this was particularly problematic as I was unable to sleep without the help of Advil PM. Fast forward a few years and I am now able to sleep like a baby again--except when the Pug wakes me up of course! Because I believe that sleep is so important to our happiness, I have create a list of tips that helped me when I was having a hard time sleeping in the hopes that it might help you get a better night of rest.

  1. Make sure that your room is dark. One of the hardest parts of getting to sleep when I lived in my apartment during my divorce was the fact that the street lights were so bright that they shined in through my blinds. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal but then once I got light cancelling curtains, it made a drastic difference and it helped me get to sleep faster because i was no longer internally stewing over the annoying street lamp.

  1. Use a sound machine. Sometimes it is just too quiet to sleep. When it is too quiet, I find that my mind races and I think of everything that I have to do around my house or at work. I am a driven person who likes to constantly achieve, whether it be at tasks at home or in my career. Because of this, I have a hard time relaxing and turning off my mind. I started using a sound machine at night via an app on my phone and it made a big difference in my ability to focus and calm my mind down enough to get to sleep.

  1. Meditation. Like I mentioned above, my mind has a tendency to run constantly. I have a hard time slowing down to do anything and my sweet husband often has to remind me to slow down. Meditation helps me slow down and focus on tasks at hand. It also helps me clear my mind and calm down. It is amazing how much internal energy is stress is running through you when you don’t stop for a moment to simply be. Meditating at bedtime has helped me get a more restful night of sleep.

  1. Work on your snoring. If you are a snorer, there are several things that you can do to lessen the noise so that you can get a better night of sleep. Even if you are not woken by your snoring, your partner will appreciate it if you can decrease your snoring in any way. Besides losing weight or having a sleep apnea test conducted to find out the main cause of your snoring, you can also try out the best anti snoring device that has been known to drastically decrease, if not eliminate snoring.

  1. Keep water by your bedside. One of the main causes that I have not been able to sleep in the past is the simple fact that I was thirsty. By keeping a small glass of water on your nightstand, you can stay hydrated and get to sleep easier.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Why We Need Fashion That Inspire Us

It’s odd where some people find sources of inspiration, but the one thing that can always be said is that inspiration is a necessary component of growth. Whether you are an artist, a chemist, a fashion designer or even a world-renowned chef, inspiration is what sets you apart. Where would you be, no matter who you are or what you do, if you didn’t find sources of inspiration to get you through your day to day life? But, what is so important about inspiration and why do we need fashions that inspire us? That’s a good question and one which may be easier to answer than you’d think.

When You’re Stuck in a Rut

There are times in our lives when we just seem to be going through the motions. We do things because we always did them and even though we are on a constant treadmill, it’s just easier to keep going as we had than to find newer or better ways of doing things. Why not step off and try something new? Whether you are trying to get that promotion at work or are simply looking to lift a bit of life’s monotony, perhaps a new outfit or a new hat would lift your spirits – send you in a new direction. When you’re stuck in a rut, first figure out why and then begin to visualize a brighter future. What is more visual than a new outfit?

A Look Back at the 1950s

Perhaps you have seen those late-night movies or first-generation sitcoms in which a woman solved all her problems by getting a new hat. Lucille Ball was perhaps the most visible celebrity to use the ‘new hat’ inspiration, but women of the day always found it uplifting and inspirational to go out and buy a new hat. Actually, there is an amazing assortment of eclectic hats this year from companies such as americanhatmakers.com that will put you in a whole new zone. Why not try the 1950s antidote and get a new hat when you need that extra pick-me-up because you have simply lost yourself in an endless routine?

Clothes Don’t Make the Man – But They Sure Make You Feel Better!

There is an old saying, “Clothes don’t make the man,” but new clothes sure do have a way of making you feel better! Sometimes, you just need something a little different, a little more stylish, better fitting or simply just ‘new’ to make you feel better. You need a little inspiration to become a better version of yourself and a new look might motivate you. No, clothes don’t define you as a person, but you can redefine your outlook on life with a new look that reflects how you want to feel!
Think back to the last time you went out on a date with a new person but failed to get a new outfit to wear. Or, perhaps you went on a job interview wearing the same business suit you’d worn to the last three unsuccessful interviews. It might not be what you are wearing but how you feel about yourself in those clothes. If you need inspiration, why not add a bit with totally different fashions than you’ve grown accustomed to. You might find that it only takes a different look to inspire you towards goals you are setting or simply to feel better about yourself. Clothes really can make a difference.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

5 Exercises that help with lower back pain

5 Exercises that help with lower back pain

My husband had experienced back pain for years due to blowing out his back working on a home renovation project several years before we got together. It would be a common occurrence for him to tell me that he couldn't feel his leg or foot on one side of his body. The pain he experienced sometimes was debilitating and it was really hard for me to not be able to help him get through his pain and anguish. After trying many things, laser spine surgery was the answer for him and he has been pain free for just over 6 months now. What a difference the surgery made on his quality of life. I, however, continue to have back pain. It is probably from years of gymnastics and cheerleading but regardless of the culprit, I experience back pain often. This article will share some of the exercises that I do to help with lower back pain relief.

1.     Yoga. While stretching your entire body into positions you don’t typically may sound strange, it works wonders to relieve my lower back pain and help with flexibility. I find that the more that I participate in yoga, the better my back feels. I can tell that my back gets tight even if I miss a few sessions of yoga. My body craves it and I feel better not only physically but also mentally as well.

2.     Piyo. Piyo has been my jam for a few years now. While it isn’t as popular as it once was, it is still a great way to get fit. Piyo is the combination of pilates and yoga in one workout. You use your body weight to tone and shape your physic in ways that you may not know are possible. Piyo is wonderful for those who want to tone up and get in shape or strengthen their current muscles. I love piyo and need to do it more often!

3.     Running. It sounds strange but when I was running several miles a day, my back felt amazing. I rarely had any back pain and on the days I didn’t run, I noticed that I felt tight and my body craved going for a run. Now that I don’t run as much as I used to, I notice that my back hurts more often.

4.     Spinning. Spinning is a wonderful workout but to be honest, I haven’t noticed a drastic change in my back pain since starting this workout habit. What I do know is that spinning makes me feel better overall which I am all about!

5.     Stretching. Yoga, stretching, and piyo tends to help my back more than anything else. Stretching allows my body to lengthen muscles and work out tight areas. No matter what fitness routine I take part in, I always make sure to stretch and drink a lot of water.

What helps with your back pain? Have you tried any of these exercises before? 
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