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Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Sofa

I am always trying to update my style and this includes my home furnishings. Winter is a good time to update home furnishes and decor as you can often get great items on sale. After the holiday rush, it is tough for retailers to earn sales from consumers as many have spent more than usual on gifts. To entice consumers, many retailers will deeply discount items in hopes of earning some sales. I always like to look for new furniture in late January and February because of these sales. Currently I am looking at purchasing additional seating for my home. We have recently renovated our basement space and the current sofa in the family room will soon make its way down to the basement. Before that can happen, I must find a new sofa at a reasonable price. There are several things to consider when purchasing a new sofa. I have outlined some below.
A sofa is the focal point of a living room. It is essential you select the perfect style to complement a room’s size, shape and interior design, as well as your lifestyle. With so many options to choose from, you might not know where to start. However, you are in luck, because here are some top tips for picking the perfect sofa.
The Ideal Fit
The size of your living room should determine the size of the sofa you select. If you have a large living room, you must identify the right size couch to fill the space. You should also consider whether you want to incorporate other furniture items, such as a coffee table or additional chairs.
If your room is on the small size, a compact couch might be the way to go. A two-seater couch could be a great addition to a small living room and, if you have the space, you can add a complementary chair for additional seating. Remember to measure a sofa to ensure it is the right size for your space, and you should also measure your doorway to ensure it fits.
The Best Shape
You might dream of owning an L-shaped couch, but is it practical for your living room? There’s no denying that corner couches are a stylish addition to the home, but they can take up a lot of space, so ensure it complements your room’s size and shape. If you do have the space, it’s important to note that L-shaped couches work in harmony with coffee tables. Visit Danetti for living room inspiration.
A Stylish Alternative
Instead of opting for a two or three seater couch, or a corner sofa, you could always incorporate a day bed into your living room or bedroom. This beautiful furniture option works best by a window and offers a compact design that’s perfect for any size room.
Lovely Leather
Leather can stand the test of time, so it’s ideal for those looking for a couch that’s made to last. This is one material that never goes out of style and can adapt to various design changes you’ll make throughout the years. It’s also simple to clean, so it is ideal if you have children or pets.
Be Brave with Suede
Suede is one of the softest materials on the planet, which just oozes sophistication and luxury. So, it is a wonderful material for a sofa, right? Well, that depends on how messy you are. While suede is comfortable and chic, it can also be easily destroyed, so you should only opt for this couch material if you are not a klutz or if you don’t have children or pets.
Whether you love bold prints, plain colours or luxurious materials, there is a couch out there to suit your taste. However, don’t buy the first couch that catches your eye. Consider your room size, interior colour and seating requirements before you make a purchase, because you will not want your sofa to become a focal point for all the wrong reasons.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Methods For Mindfulness: How To Master The Art of Breathing

Methods For Mindfulness: How To Master The Art of Breathing

In your mindful moments, focus on breath is one of the main techniques that will keep you present. Without breath-awareness, your meditation or yoga practice is far less efficient. There are many benefits of breathing with intention, which relates both to your physical and mental well-being. There are specific methods and techniques that will guide you toward proper practice of mindful breathing. Luckily, via the employment of modern tools and programs, you can build upon what you already know and enact. Here is an overview on the art of breathing, with methods and tips that will inform and enhance your practice of mindfulness:

The Benefits of Breathing

Mindful breathing can help calm your nervous system and bring you increased awareness toward everything that occurs around you. When you aren’t in your meditation practice, you can still breathe mindfully and enjoy everyday things. With enhanced senses, you can take extra pleasure in things like the distinct smells and tastes of the food you eat, the sounds of nature and watching people process the world around them and act in accordance with what they perceive. With this awareness, you are also able to focus more on your thoughts; in turn, this clarity will allow better communication and listening skills. You can easily communicate your deeper feelings and emotions as well as ideas that are more cognitively challenging. For example, if you meditate or have a mindful 10 minutes of breathing before a big meeting at work or a school seminar, you are better able to express yourself verbally and follow the thought processes of your colleagues without getting caught up in any adverse emotions. The focus derived from mindful breathing also increases the attention you have for your work or projects. You will be able to stay on task for longer and go about your day with deliberation. The Eco Institute has completed many studies that link breathing practices with the aforementioned sensations and changes that result within the mind and body.

Proper Practice

Begin your mindful breathing practice in scheduled blocks at first. Plan to do your breathing exercises or meditation at particular times of the day. A consistent schedule will help you build your breathing practice and skill. Utilize a meditation guidance app, like Headspace, which can keep you on the right path, throughout the process. Headspace has 10-minute sessions that will only take a small chunk out of your morning or work time lunch break, but will revitalize your energy for the duration of the day. Once you’ve established your schedule, try and find times throughout the day when you can breathe with awareness so you can reap the benefits more often. Have deep, focused breathing sessions in your car before you start it, immediately when you return home from work or when you wake up from sleep.

Helpful Tools

Have a specialized soundtrack that can set the tone for your bliss. Ambient music is best, as it is instrumental without a patterned melody. If the music had lyrics or a pattern, you’d be more likely to focus on the composition of the song rather than your breathing. YouTube offers many meditation playlists or you can check out Radio Sri Chinmoy for free meditation music. Another useful gadget is Spire — a wearable device that tracks breathing patterns. The app was designed for the iOS system, like that of the iPhone 6s, and provides you with breathing alerts and guided meditations. The wearable will pick up on your physical activity and, in working with the app, will provide real-time results.

Friday, October 14, 2016

5 Common Sports Scholarship Myths Debunked

5 Common Sports Scholarship Myths Debunked

This is the dream for millions of young people: get good grades, practice a sport you love, hope you excel and hopefully get enrolled in a good school where the red carpet will be rolled out and you'll become a huge star on campus overnight.
Unfortunately, getting a sports scholarship isn't as easy as it seems. Many people still have lots of misconceptions about the scholarship process and what it entails. In this article, we're going to debunk some of the most common myths about sports scholarships.

All Athletes Are Eligible for Full Ride Scholarships

Only a certain number of sports are eligible for full ride scholarships. When it comes to the NCAA, only head count sports qualify. For men's, this means only basketball and football players are eligible for full ride scholarships. For women, full ride scholarships are available to volleyball, tennis, basketball and gymnastics athletes. For any other sport, scholarships are divided between a set number of athletes and coaches get to distribute the scholarships however they please.

If You're Good Enough, Coaches Will Find You

This is another common misconception among students seeking scholarships. They assume that just because they excel at an elite level, scouts and coaches will find their way to them. But athletes have to actually go out and present their resumes to coaches if they want to get noticed. Also, producing a highlight reel of your biggest accomplishments and adding it to the National Collegiate Scouting Association’s database would be a great idea if you want to get noticed.

Grades Aren't Important, As Long as I Perform

Unfortunately, the NCAA has very strict rules when it comes to academic accomplishments. They require all players to pass certain academic benchmarks each semester or they run the risk of not being able to play on the team. Ultimately, schools and coaches want athletes that will be able to perform well on and off the field.

Only Elite Athletes Get Scholarships

Again, another common myth amongst sports scholarship seekers is that you absolutely have to perform at an elite level to get a sports scholarship. This falls under the misconception that only DI scholarships are worth pursuing. The truth is that most scholarship opportunities for Athletes-USA are outside DI schools, so it's always better to broaden your horizons and see what DII, DIII, NJCAA and NAIA schools have to offer as well.

Scholarships Are 4 Year Deals

That is wrong. Most sports scholarships are not for the whole duration of college. Many circumstances can affect the duration of a scholarship. Some scholarships programs may get withdrawn altogether. Schools and coaches dictate if a certain scholarship will be renewed for the next year. Also, certain academic and athletic requirements have to be met for the scholarship to be renewed.
As you can see, sports scholarships aren’t as simple as they may seem and it would be wise to be well informed on all the ins and outs of getting and maintaining a scholarship. If you need more information on sports scholarship, we recommended that you speak to your coach or browse online where you'll find all sorts of information on the scholarship and recruiting process. On these words, good luck with hopes that you'll find a great scholarship and school to call your own next semester!
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