Thursday, May 25, 2017

5 Fun ways to reduce stress

Stress is a negative feeling that is very hard to dispel. With lots of problems piling up from our daily lives, it only accumulates and makes us grow weary and tired every day. Not only will it affect our family, it will also inevitably affect our careers and even our social lives. There are even cases with people getting addicted to drugs or alcohol due to the immense stress that they have accumulated. And we all know that addiction is a very difficult problem to go through. Thus, it is very important that we take time off out of our busy schedules to enjoy our lives and release some of that accumulated stress in order to avoid bigger problems.

Here are 5 Fun ways to reduce stress;

•    Spend time with your family and loved ones

There is no better place like home, and home is where our families and loved ones are. No matter the situation, no matter the problems we go through, as long as we have our families and loved ones by our side giving us courage and motivation to push through, all of them will be eventually resolved. And what could be more fun than traveling through time and enjoying the old times with your precious family?

If you are living alone and are going through a lot of stress, visit your family on the weekends and talk to them. They are the people who will love you unconditionally; they won’t judge you and even will try to understand where you are coming from. They are the people who will always have your back. And with them, you will find the warmth and care that will alleviate your stress. You don’t have to hold back from sharing your problems and issues, trust me; your family will even appreciate you telling them your problems and current situation. Families are there to support you and help you.

•    Shopping therapy

Sometimes stress is caused by money, and there is a saying that money is the root of all evil. While this may be the case, some find that retail therapy is actually very helpful in overcoming a bad mood or troubling time. Within reason, allow yourself to release some inhibitions brought about by money and give yourself some room to spend some money. Get that new dress and shoes, buy that new car, get that new apartment, eat at that fancy restaurant, whatever it is that you have been yearning for – get it with that hard earned money. You work hard and allowing yourself to spend money is a good thing as long as you keep it within reason and to what you can afford.

•    Travel

Some say that if you are suffering from substance addiction or any form of addiction, traveling will greatly help your situation. By going to a new place and widening your horizons, you will be reminded of how vast the world is and how little you are. You will be surprised at how enjoying the world around you can be fulfilling. Perhaps go on a trip that will help others in some way. Giving back helps you find purpose.

•    Join support groups

According to, support groups can be very helpful. In this day and age where most people are far away from their loved ones, joining support groups to share problems and meet new friends is a very helpful and can be a fun activity. By meeting new people in different walks of life and with different statuses, people get to realize that everyone is going through similar problems and there is always hope to recover and find success. Support groups will not only help you address your problems, it will also help you have fun with other people and improve your social life.

•    Fitness

Working out is a great way to reduce stress naturally and work on being healthy. Many who are busy find that if they carve out time in their day to spend working out, they are less stressed and can actually focus on tasks more readily.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5 Tips to taking care of your feet this summer

Believe it or not, our feet are one of most battered part of our bodies. We use them everyday to take us places. And even if we think we don’t move much on a daily basis, it’s our feet taking the most strain from our daily activities.

Now that it’s summer, it’s important to pay attention to our feet. Don’t wait until it’s hurting for you to starting caring for them!  Check out the following tips for basic foot care and make sure to not take your feet for granted anymore.

  1. Moisturize daily
Having fewer oil glands compared to other parts of the body, our feet get dry easily. Dry skin could lead to cracking, itching, and even burning skin. Moisturize your feet always by applying skin-soothing foot balms or lotions.

There are several foot creams you can try with different key ingredients. Some are soothing and relaxing, and some have healing properties. They all have moisturizing effects for sure, so it doesn’t matter which one you get. That is unless you’re addressing something more specific. Apply it before bedtime for longer absorption.

  1. Address pains immediately
Our feet take a constant beating every time we go about our day. Once you start to feel pain around your feet, ankles, including your knees, go see a doctor immediately. Thankfully, there are specialty clinics like Podiatrist Perth. They offer services that help diagnose and provide treatment to your foot ailments.

Some common foot problems include:
  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Heel Pain
  • Achilles Tendonitis

Address persistent conditions immediately and do not hesitate to go to the doctor.

  1. Clean your feet properly
Washing your feet daily is an important part of health and hygiene. It helps your feet look clean, soft, and presentable. Take your time with your feet and wash them properly. Some people think it’s enough to pass with just soap and water. But here are a couple more tips to ensure your feet are squeaky clean:

  • Soak your feet in warm soapy water to soften your skin and make it easier to wash
  • Scrub and exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. Use items like pumice stones, loofahs, or foot scrub
  • Completely dry your feet before slipping them in to footwear. This prevents moisture and sweat from turning into foot odor
  • Regular cleaning prevents foot infection and odor, and it’s a must to take time cleaning them!

  1. Choose the right footwear
A lot of people neglect comfort over style, resulting in a bunch of foot aches and problems. Using the right footwear plays an important role in preventing foot and toe problems. It also helps improve your health by relieving pain and aiding your posture.

Before buying a pair of shoes, consider the following things:
  • Choose a low heel, and avoid narrow and pointed shoes.
  • Check the cushion if it’s soft and rigid as this provides comfort.
  • Inspect the material. Avoid vinyl or plastic shoes. They make your feet sweat easily.
  • Walk around the store and make sure the shoes feel right.

You’ll feel it when you’re wearing the right kind of shoes. The goal is to get a pair that is light, comfortable, and makes you feel good.

  1. Pamper your feet once in awhile
Reward your feet for all their hard work by going to a foot salon. Get your nails cleaned, your ingrowns treated, and your feet scrubbed.

Get a foot massage too. It’s definitely a great reward for your aching soles. Massages offer a wealth of health benefits. This includes stress relief, improved blood circulation, and better sleep. You’ll never regret getting one!

It’s never a bad idea to take care of our feet. They have helped us reach places and deserve to be treated like royalty.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The top 5 health related concerns women have while in college

Both men and women face health concerns when going to college. In fact, many college students are oblivious to the variety of health concerns they will come into contact with while studying to complete a degree. As I work in student wellness on a college campus, I see health related issues pop up on a daily basis. I wrote this article as a way to potentially help college students think about their health and give them ideas on how to tend to these challenges.

  1. Eating Disorders. The desire to keep the “freshman 15” at bay is an increasing problem. Many women find themselves gaining weight while in college. This can cause problems with self-esteem among other things. Eating disorders tend to surface in college due to the desire for one to be accepted. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are very common problems among college aged women. Some say that these conditions are derived from the need to control and gain acceptance from others. Eating disorders is a way to gain control when it feels as if one’s life is out of control. For example, someone suffering from bulimia may feel a sense of relief when compulsively exercising or vomiting. If you or a friend need help with an eating disorder, contact your family care doctor or the health center at your school immediately.
  2. Sleep deprivation. While this may not seem like an issue because “everybody in college stays up all night,” sleep is actually crucial to your success in school. The body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night to rest, recharge, and prepare for the next day. It may seem as if there are more important things to do than sleep, but you will regret it later.
  3. Partying. Many think that college is just a time to party. While this may be the case, it is important to be sure that you make good decisions while doing so. Be sure to stay with a group of friends at the party and do not let your beverage leave your sight. Be sure to leave the party with the group you came with and drink water or non-alcoholic beverages in between alcoholic ones.
  4. Sex. The hookup culture is more rampant than ever. It is not uncommon for college students to be promiscuous in sexual experiences while in college and often times there is alcohol involved when doing so. This can cause problems as one may have sex with another individual they probably would not have had they been sober. If you do have sex with someone, it is important to get an annual check-up with your doctor at a minimum. Should you find yourself with a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia or herpes, be sure to go to the student health center right away. Chances are high that your health center provides chlamydia testing as well as various forms of contraceptives.
  5. Emotional issues. College can cause a great deal of emotional stress. Academic and social pressures can cause unnecessary stress and feelings of isolation. If you are feeling as if something is not right, be sure to seek out assistance from your college’s counseling center.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Hottest Fitness Program on the Market: Bar Brothers System Review

One of my summer goals is to slim down for my upcoming wedding. I have been doing some research and have decided to try a fitness routine that I am not used to doing. I find that if I try something new, the likelihood of me sticking to it is higher than if I go back to something I have done before. Strange, I know. But it is so. I am looking into trying this workout system out. Here's what I have found out about it. If you have any interest in trying it with me, drop me a note! :)

Sometimes it can feel like your fitness regime is going nowhere. You’ve been hitting the gym almost every day, lifting increasingly heavy weights and even consistently working on your cardio. You may even have detailed, high-protein meal plans, but sometimes it just feels like there’s nowhere else to go with your training.

This is where the Bar Brothers System comes in. No longer do you need to work yourself into a lump of broken jelly at the gym without seeing the results you want. With Bar Brothers, you begin a calisthenics workout cycle that you can do at home, suitable for anyone at any age, at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

My favorite thing about the workouts offered by the Bar Brothers System is the extremely primal method of exercise you experience. Working out without weights, complicated machinery – or any real equipment at all is, ultimately, a very liberating experience. Aside from feeling great, the Bar Brothers System is an awesome way of helping you reach your fitness potential. Rather than having to worry too much about when to schedule leg day, chest day, arm day, etc., you instead can take part in a workout that brings the perfect balance of work that every fitness lover craves.

The Bar Brothers System is open to anyone and ensures that you will get exactly the results you want. Not only will it utterly transform your body, but you’ll also feel a major boost to your testosterone, psyche and overall energy. Of course, going to the gym can pump you up, but the impact on your overall spirit by the Bar Brothers Workout System – along with the remarkable bonus to your fitness, is simply amazing. Not only will you look better and be able to workout harder, but you’ll also feel so much better too.

The Bar Brothers Program is delivered entirely through an online platform, making it even easier to use whenever you need it. No need to rely on personal trainers or gym opening hours, the Bar Brothers System is available 24/7 to any fitness buffs looking for a high-intensity calisthenics workout. The workout tutorials and nutrition information offered through the online platform are brilliantly detailed, so even though you may not have the face-to-face elements of a personal trainer or gym workout, the detail of Bar Brothers more than makes up for it.

With its easy-to-understand, detailed and intense exercises, the Bar Brothers System offers one of the best value calisthenics workout programs available. The best thing is, if you invest at least an hour a day into the program, you’re almost guaranteed results. So no matter your age, gender, or free time you have, the Bar Brothers System can get you the body you want. Especially for the price, you’d be crazy to turn down the opportunity offered by Bar Brothers.

If you’re intrigued by the calisthenics-based workout style of the Bar Brothers System, you can find out more by checking out these calisthenics exercises.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3 of the Best Ways to Improve Your Dental Hygiene

Taking care of your dental health is more important that I ever realized. I started doing research on why I have migraines often and surprisingly so many potential health ailments are related to dental hygiene. While I brush regularly with an electric toothbrush, I am not one to floss which is something my dentist constantly talks to me about when I go for regular check-ups. Because I learned so much recently about dental health, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some information here. 
Having a set of shiny, white teeth is just one of the many benefits of good dental hygiene. Many mouth diseases are associated with poor hygiene, and when left untreated, leads to various health problems that affect the whole body. So while bad breath and unsightly yellowish teeth are the motivations of many to make sure their teeth are taken care of well, there a lot more health reasons to do so. Keeping a healthy routine for your dental hygiene is beneficial in the long run and may save you more money and problems in the future.
While there are many known ways to take care of your teeth like brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, these may sometimes not be enough. If you really want to protect your dental assets, you need to go the extra mile to ensure they receive the best possible care. Often overlooked, some simple modifications in dental hygiene and lifestyle can make all the difference. Here are three easy to follow ways to improve your dental hygiene.

1.    Use the Right Dental Cleaning Tools and Products
Brushing twice or thrice a day may suffice, but brushing with the right kind of toothbrush makes a big difference. Use a toothbrush that has bristles smooth enough to spare your gums from damage. Remember, healthy gums mean healthy teeth. Your toothpaste must also be gentle to your oral features so be sure to use those that contain enough amounts of fluoride with no unnecessary ingredients. For dental floss, use ones that are good enough to remove unnecessary things from in between teeth but not too thin or too thick. Get a recommendation from your dentist. The same is true in choosing a mouthwash. Use the ones that do not contain substances that may cause damage to your teeth due to prolonged exposure.
Choose products that have the approval of reputable dental associations and ones that are highly recommended by your dentist. These people know better when it comes to oral hygiene.

2.    Eat Right, Less Sugar
The health of your teeth does not only depend on what you use to clean them but mainly on what you put in your mouth and feed your body.  A balanced diet is as good to your dental features as it is to your body. Eat food that is rich in calcium and protein and that promote general overall health. Fruits and vegetables are beneficial, especially ones that are fibrous since they incite healthy production of saliva and aid in the digestion process that reduces food retention in your mouth. Avoid sugary snacks and beverages as they are well-known to damage the teeth as much as they are bad for your body.

3.    Regularly visit your dentist
This old advice is often ignored by many. The dental office should not only be visited when you are suffering from a toothache or when you have decided to go for a new dental surgery of some sort. A regular visit to the dentist will help prevent tooth damage, as early signs can be easily detected and treated. Lastly, your dentist will provide you with important tips on how to take care of your teeth.

Monday, May 1, 2017

3 tips for finding the best self-help centers in New Jersey

Often the first step in getting help with drug or alcohol addiction, is finding out what help is available in your local area. Self help services can differ widely between cities and states and therefore it is important to be able to work out what help is available in your area. New Jersey has one of the worst problems with heroin in the United States, with the number of deaths due to overdose sitting at three times the national average.
Admission to drug treatment centers has risen by 700% over the last 10 years, meaning more people are seeking help than ever before. As a result, the number of self help clinics and treatment centers has also risen, meaning that there is a now a choice in where you can seek help. But how do you find the best help, and make sure that the services offered meet your needs? Here are 3 tips for finding the best self-help centers in New Jersey.
  1. The first tip is to do some research online yourself. These days almost every self help center will have an online presence and by using search engines you should be able to read about the services they offer online. However, without having any experience of the service it is often difficult to work out if they will be a good fit for your particular needs. It can also be difficult to tell if the treatment services are of a high quality, or that the staff are experienced and knowledgeable. So what other options are there?
  2. Another option is to seek a referral from your existing healthcare provider.  This can be an advantage as they will understand your existing medical conditions, as well as have knowledge of your personal history. They are also likely to have detailed knowledge of the local support services in New Jersey and may be able to arrange a referral for you without the need to involve anyone else. However, some people may not be keen to discussing drug or alcohol issues with someone who they have an existing relationship with. They may also worry about such information being recorded in their medical records. So what other options are there?
  3. A final option is to use a specialist agency such as Drug Treatment Finders. By contacting Drug Treatment Finders you can discuss your particular needs with one of their experienced customer advocates. They will be able to provide further details on the treatment and support available in New Jersey. Drug Treatment Finders specialize in providing the best possible options for each and every person who wants help with their addiction. Their highly knowledgeable and well-qualified staff can help guide you toward the right treatment center in your area and someone is available 24/7 to answer questions or offer guidance.

You can check out their site here and let them help you find the right services for you.

Friday, April 28, 2017

4 Natural Herbs Everybody Should Know

Improving your health may require more than simply diet and exercise. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that our ancestors have used natural plants and herbs as medicines for thousands of years. The Ayurvedic Indian practices include many native herbs and plants as do the traditional Chinese practitioners.

Across the globe, many tribal people have known about natural herbs and ways to improve their performance, but only recently has modern science finally caught up. There are a few well-known supplements for brain and body, which you can use in order to maintain your health and hopefully improve performance.

#1. Bacopa Monnieri - the bacopa plant is native to India and it has been so well documented in the scriptures and Ayurvedic tradition that the Indian government spent tens of millions of dollars just to study the effects.

After many years of study, the government found bacopa to be a reliable and safe way of improving cognitive abilities. Bacopa can not only increase general cognition, but also reduces anxiety and improves memory. The effects can take up to 8 - 12 weeks before it shows up, but this just suggests bacopa is a long term solution.

#2. Lemon Balm - our ancestors in Europe used lemon balm as a natural source of relaxation and calm. Both the Greeks and the Romans were avid fans of this mediterranean plant because it was so tasty and easy to consume.

Today it is just as easy to use lemon balm with capsules, a lemon balm tea, or even lemon balm extracts from the plants.

#3. Ginkgo Biloba - even the least knowledgeable health enthusiast has probably heard of ginkgo biloba at some point. This natural Chinese plant (also called maidenhair tree) provides many benefits including added memory and cognitive abilities. In fact, some studies even show this herb can help to reduce the symptoms and signs of aging.

The reason ginkgo biloba has gotten so popular and successful is because of the appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show in addition to Dr. Oz being a big proponent. With these popular figures promoting the natural supplement, it’s no wonder so many people have heard of it.

This also has some of the most research of any natural herbs and compounds. If you want something well known, but also well-tested, this is your best bet.

#4. Rhodiola - back to Europe and Russia, the origins of rhodiola rosea are modest. Even though this plant was unknown in the mountainous regions of the world for a long time, the Vikings seized the opportunity to increase their focus, virility and strength.

The rhodiola root is called an “adaptogen” because it allows the user to adapt to the environment and still prosper. Whether you are sick, tired, or just looking for a little boost, rhodiola is a great natural alternative.

The greatest aspect about all 4 of these natural herbs is that they are well-studied and safe. Many of the drugs in the pharmaceutical industry or the nootropic space are synthetic and come with added risks. These natural compounds are the best that nature can produce and have been used for thousands of years.
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