Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Employment Advice for You or Your Children After Leaving for College

There has been a recent trend of college leavers having trouble finding a job despite their excellent qualifications, in much the same way that older people find themselves struggling to convince employers that their maturity is an asset and not a drawback. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure that you and your children can find work and earn a good living.


The key to success is careful planning, and this should be undertaken before going to college. In the past, many students simply went to college to study for a degree, any degree, it did not really matter which one. Now it is important that your degree will be instrumental in landing the job you want when you graduate. If you are unsure about what you want to do as a career, it can be a good idea to get a job for a year after high school. A job does not have to be long term; there are often plenty of short-term jobs available around Christmas time and other seasonal holidays. Having a job like this will also give you real work experience and may even open up doors for you. For example, a job working in a local library or bookstore could propel you towards the head office of a large national bookstore, or you could work in a restaurant as a dish washer, but the experience could encourage you to stay on to become one of the chefs. However, let us assume that you want to work towards a college degree that will widen your job opportunities and also increase your ability to earn big bucks.

Passion is often cited as being the key motivator in pursuing a particular career, but this does not always work, for not all passions have a market worth. Instead, it may be better to focus on what you are good at and what you spend most of your time doing, because you will have undoubtedly built up an impressive skill set this way. You may, for example, find you have a particular skill that lends itself well to freelancing or entrepreneurship. You could work by yourself and be responsible for all aspects of your business, or you could set up as an independent contractor with an umbrella company. This arrangement takes care of all your administrative tasks while sourcing regular work for you.

If your college degree or your past work experience leaves you feeling less than qualified for many current jobs, be assured there are plenty of roles that require little training, just a lot of common sense. For example, if you love to drive, perhaps a distribution and logistics role is a good fit for you, or if you enjoy talking to people, you could go for a customer service, human resources or sales post.

Finding a job can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but you may find it easier if you widen your possible career paths rather than focus on one sector that seems to fit with your current or past expertise.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Your Home Ready for Family Christmas

Getting your home ready for the family Christmas
If you are planning on having guests over for Christmas, you must be wondering how to juggle all the numerous tasks to ensure the day is a success. Thankfully, you can play host to your guests and navigate the holidays without losing your privacy and collective calm. For this to happen, you will need to put a solid plan into action. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re ready when the time comes;
  • Get organized.
The first step to hosting your family and friends for Christmas is making sure you’re organized. You need to have a rough idea of how many people will be attending the festivities. Try and confirm their attendance beforehand, if possible. To be on the safe side, overstock to cater for any unexpected guests who might show up.
As part of getting organized, make a list or schedule of everything that needs to be done and allocate enough time to do these chores. Get your spouse and children to help you to avoid getting burnout.

  • Create space in the dining room and lounge.
Your guests will need space to laze around and catch up on their lives. It is a good idea to create a communal area of sorts in the living room, decked out with comfy sofas and seats. The dining room also needs to have enough seating space to accommodate comfortably everyone.
Additionally, hire professional carpet cleaners to ensure the carpets in these areas are clean. Children and adults might want to sit on the floor to open their presents so the carpet should be dirt and dust-free. You can find carpet cleaners through referrals by friends. Alternatively, a quick online search can yield the same results. For instance, if you live in Oakville, a search for Oakville carpet cleaners will put you in touch with some of the finest professionals in the business.

  • Clear out the spare rooms.
Be prepared for your friends or family to sleepover during the holidays. You’ll want to make sure that the rooms they’ll be sleeping in are ready in time. De-clutter the room and wardrobes to provide enough space for their luggage. Change the bedding so that they’re fresh and clean for your visitors. Additionally, give the rooms a thorough vacuuming and enough time to air.

  • Stock the kitchen.
Nothing can be more inconveniencing than running out of food during the holidays. To avoid this, make sure you stock the fridge and kitchen with all the essential items you might need. Have a menu of the meals you plan to prepare so that you have a list of ingredients to work with. Remember to keep a stock of snacks for the children.

  • Tidy up the bathrooms.
Don’t overlook the bathrooms in your preparations. Make sure that there are enough towels and tissue paper to go round. During the holidays, take the time to keep the bathrooms as clean and hygienic as possible.

With the right plan and organization, all the Christmas holiday festivities can go on without a hitch. Ensure that you allocate enough time to complete your preparations before your guests arrive. You can then spend the rest of the holidays relaxing with your guests, without worrying about chores.

How to Design a Luxurious Bedroom for a Teenager

The whole point of a luxury bedroom is that it is the ultimate pamper zone. Ideally a luxury bedroom should be within a luxury home, but even if you can’t afford to upgrade your current abode to a luxury Bel Air mansion in the Hollywood Hills, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a luxurious bedroom for your teenager – and here’s how.

Luxury is synonymous with opulence, rich fabrics, high-end accessories and lots of amenities, so cheap and cheerful furnishings just won’t cut it. Now is not the time to go shopping at the Pound Store. Unfortunately, if you want to create a luxurious bedroom for your teenager, you will need to spend a bit of money in the process.

Pick a Theme

Before you start splashing out on luxury accessories, you need to choose a theme for the bedroom. If the bedroom makeover is to be a surprise, it’s your call, but if not, now would be a good time to discuss the project with your teenager and let them have some input.
Theme will influence colours, style of furniture, lighting and pretty much everything in the room. For example, if your teenager wants a 19th century boudoir, modern fixtures and fittings won’t look right at all. Instead you will need to fit a crystal chandelier, four-poster bed, and lots of sumptuous bedding in rich fabrics from http://threel.co.uk.

Luxurious Flooring

The flooring needs to be suitably luxurious. Cheap carpet won’t cut it in a luxury teenager’s bedroom. Instead, look at real wood polished oak flooring and buy a plush rug to soften the look. Or, go for some thick pile carpet so soft your feet sink in it.

Super Storage

Storage in luxury bedrooms is usually out of site, so as not to spoil the stylish vibe of the room. Teenagers always have lots of clothes and shoes, so if you have the space, create a walk-in closet with lots of hanging space and shelving. If you don’t have the space, look at building made-to-measure wardrobes in keeping with the style of the room.


A four-poster bed or sleigh bed would be perfect for a teenager’s bedroom, but if there is not enough room for a huge bed, be sure to add a touch of glamour to a smaller bed with plush throws, lots of plump pillows and high thread count sheets.


Lighting needs to be suitably opulent. Glittering chandeliers are perfect for a gloriously feminine bedroom, but for a more modern look, go for discreet spotlights and mood lighting, preferably remote controlled and aligned with the sound system.

Luxury Accessories

Teenagers like gadgets, so don’t forget to include a bespoke music and entertainment system, so they can listen to their music or watch the latest movies on TV. A chaise longue, comfortable arm chairs, and even a sofa if you have the space will be a nice touch.

If you are stuck for inspiration, check out some fabulous luxury bedroom ideas on websites such as Houzz or Pinterest.

What to Look for When Buying a New Puppy

If you are a long time reader, you know about my love for my pup, Polo. If you are just joining Hiya Luv, you can catch up on other puppy-loving goodness by checking out one of my favorite posts, "Show Us Your Paws!" where other Hiya Luv readers submitted their furry friends to be featured!
Polo after an afternoon at the dog park!

Puppies make great pets, but it is all too easy to be conned into buying a puppy from a disreputable breeder so that you end up with a problem pet. Experienced dog owners are more aware of the pitfalls and know what to look out for, but if you have never before had the pleasure of being a dog owner, here are a few tips to help you find the right the right puppy for your family.

Buy from a Registered Breeder

There are lots of hobby breeders out there, many of them perfectly respectable people, but if you want a pedigree dog bred from a bloodline free from genetic abnormalities and other health problems, it is better to buy from a registered breeder such as Florida Puppies Online. Pedigree dogs have to be registered with the appropriate breed society, so contact them for a list of breeders in your area with puppies for sale. Non-pedigree puppies can be bought from anyone, or even adopted from a rescue center. In most cases the puppies will be happy and healthy, but be sure to follow the guidelines below if you buy a puppy.

Meet the Parents

Always insist on seeing the puppy’s mother before you commit to buying. If the breeder can’t produce the mother, it is strongly indicative that the puppy has been bred elsewhere – perhaps on a puppy farm or abroad. Puppies bred in this way are not generally looked after properly and are often removed from their mother too soon.
Happy, healthy puppies are usually raised in a family home to allow them time to get used to the normal sights and sounds of everyday life. If the puppy you go to see is kept outdoors in a shed or similar, this is not a good sign. The puppy is likely to be nervous and wary of humans it doesn’t know, which could be dangerous if you have small children.

Puppy Health Concerns

Healthy puppies are boisterous, inquisitive and bright-eyed. They don’t have sniffles, runny eyes and lack-luster coats. If you see any of these signs in a puppy, walk away immediately and don’t be tempted to buy the puppy out of pity. This will only encourage the breeder to continue producing puppies to sell for a profit.

Ask Lots of Questions

Always ask lots of questions before you buy. For example, check whether the puppy has been wormed and inoculated, what food he has been weaned on, and whether he is used to other pets and children. This will give you a good idea of how he has been raised.

Have Your New Puppy Vet Checked

Once you have brought your new puppy home, take him for a vet check as soon as possible. Your vet will able to spot if there any health problems you need to be aware of, plus give you advice in worming and neutering.

Puppies make a wonderful addition to a family home, but they are for life and not just for Christmas, so don’t ever buy a puppy on a whim!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

3 Causes of Hair Loss in Men & Women

I have been highlighting my hair for years. I find that to keep my highlights looking fresh and natural, I have to frequent the salon quite often. I find that after 6-8 weeks, it is time to get highlights again. This can be a costly expense over time but what is more concerning is the damage that is being done to my hair on a regular basis. I lose a lot of hair and I find that getting a trim every 6 weeks helps but the damage is being done by the highlights. One of my fears is experiencing hair loss. The women in my family have relatively thin hair and I worry that I too will experience this. Do you worry about hair loss as well? 
grown out highlights! 

Three Causes of Hair Loss in Both Men and Women

Hair loss can be a big problem. While some people, especially men, come to embrace the bald look, others would do anything to keep their hair growing thick and strong all over their heads, and when thinning and hair loss occur, it can cause them to lose confidence in their appearance and feel generally less good about themselves.
When it comes to treating hair loss, the solutions depend very much on the underlying cause. If hair loss is a problem, you have a range of options from medications through to hair implants, and other treatments like Revivogen. What the most effective choice for you will be depends very much on why you are losing hair in the first place. Here are three causes of hair loss that can affect both men and women:

Male Pattern or Female Pattern Baldness

This is by far the most common cause of hair loss, and while it is mostly associated with men, women can also find their hair thinning or leaving patches. Pattern baldness is hereditary, and so if and when it happens can be predicted fairly accurately by looking at your parents. While not all men whose fathers had male pattern baldness will lose hair in the same places at the same age, this is usually what happens, and can also be passed on to a lesser extent to women. The onset of pattern baldness can begin as early as puberty for some unlucky people, and is typified by a receding hairline and 'bald spot' on top of the head, though it can sometimes result in complete baldness.

Hormonal Changes

A cause of hair loss that can be less permanent, even without treatment, is hormonal changes in the body. This tends to affect women more than men purely because there are more events in a woman's life that cause hormonal fluctuations, including puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause. Pregnancy for example often causes changes in the hair, with some women finding their hair changes in texture, others finding it looks much healthier, and some finding that their hair begins to thin. Hormonal changes can also cause hair loss in men, for example when caused by medication.


Alopecia is a fairly rare condition where your immune system incorrectly begins to attack your hair follicles. It can happen anywhere on the body, and can vary between leaving small, round bald patches to making you completely bald. Alopecia can affect both men and women – and even children and some animals – and can cause you to lose body hair, eyebrows and facial hair as well as the hair on your head. Alopecia cannot technically be 'cured' but with the right treatment you can recover and hair can grow back normally, unlike with pattern baldness where without restorative treatment or implants the baldness is almost always permanent.

There are better solutions for baldness now than ever, and there is no need to be miserable if you are losing your hair. However, make sure you understand the cause of hair loss before considering the right way to get your hair back to its former glory.
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